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Use of Angle Iron

I told you I would sent pictures of my use of angle iron instead of building the wooden support as shown in your pictures. I used 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 quarter thick angle iron with 2 1/4 thick concrete base. This is angle iron I had from another project. I will cut reinforcement wire and fill with concrete. It should be able to hold up the world (Ha!) After quite a bit of searching in a hardware and tools store I was able to find a tape measure that had inches and cm measuring units also.

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Oven with ornamental glass added to the brickwork

Garden oven project with added interesting ornamental colored leaded two glass windows in the brick work of front wall. And also brick-chimney cap metal work made of copper sheet.

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River Rocks on the oven’s outside

My wood burning pizza oven built out of firebricks and on the outside out of river rocks I’ve collected personally one by one in the nature around us where I usually go for walks each day.

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MTo pizza oven

Welcome to traditional oven website. Here this page summarizes on the whole the very simple philosophy of

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