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Country property 2-hours from Toronto

Only two hours out from Toronto – Canada, on one country property, Doug built his beautiful oven. A practical and pleasing addition to the country living style. Applied were the general principles from the 3G MTo plans.

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Wood burning oven with gas fireplace underneath

My first oven is at my home in New York, this new one was completed just this week, it is at my home in California. It’s a completely new design which works very well. In addition to pizza, we also use our ovens for various other meals like rack of lamb or mixed grill dishes. Upper oven part is heated with wood, lower below the oven is gas fired fireplace and the heat channeling from bottom to the top provides an extra heat energy for preheating the hearth.

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RENE’S OVEN with MOSAIC. All under roof.

Rene’s project in Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. He built this fabulous oven with mosaic within bricks in walls and he also roofed the whole area. Now he can use his oven and the entertaining area whole year round. No mater whether it is raining or snowing, the roof protects / covers the whole outdoor area behind their house. Rene has never held a brick prior this building project. Video on how to rotate pizza on hot firebricks for 2 minutes was created as well.

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Foundations had to be altered

Rado, I have taken more pics from our firing last Sunday, all went well, just need to get used to temperatures and timings etc. With the images I have also written a short story of our bread / pizza oven, which you may or may not want to include. Foundations had to be altered to follow the elevated ground behind the oven, it may be of interest to some people. Here it is –

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Gas and wood brick pizza oven

This gas and wood burning pizza brick oven heat source combo can be heated up to cooking or bread baking temperature by gas fuel, with a flame from gas burner, or common wood fuel. I bring out a gas bottle with a hose connected to the gas burner and point it into the oven through a small burner hole to bring / direct the gas flame inside.

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Building in winter in a tent

This oven was built during winter months while freezing and snowing inside a provisional tent we stretched up above and around the whole job area as a temporary cover. As you can see it worked!

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Never too old for all reasonable projects.

Until we cooked 300 pizzas for people in our lives, we did not realized how many great friends we actually have. We are never too old, never old enough, and should not be, for doing lovely projects like these in our age! How to go for it? It’s the easiest …

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Perfect nook on our deck

This oven fits a perfect nook on our wooden deck. Primarily a pizza maker who has never laid a brick before built the brick oven, for not only pizzas! I plan to roast big turkeys and other roasts and bake French breads. I like the smell of burning wood around the backyard and the oven brought perfect characteristics and a main feature to it and to the whole area.

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Oven completed and Bill’s first ever pizza

Bill completed the oven and married Liz and now they expect a new arrival to theirs young family. The first ever pizza they cooked together came out this oven. The brick pizza oven on these two pictures was built in New Providence, NJ, US.

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Wood burning oven built under roof cover

Very practical wood burning oven under a spacious roof cover in Shingletown, California, USA. Everything built by Paul and Karen. And the goodies their oven produces. Pizza and bread help from Paul.

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