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Perfect nook on our deck

Hi mate,
Thank you for your website, for the building plans, step-by-step photos, and your email help along the way. I have just completed the project. For me, it has taken about a year. That might seem like a lot of time, and it is. However, the important thing to know is that I am rather busy at my work, I have never before laid a brick, poured concrete, installed a metal roof or anything like this. This has been one of the most satisfying projects I have ever worked on. I channeled each brick I touched.

I was able to find a perfect nook on our deck that really did not get much use and build it in as if it had been there all along. My oven is kind of a combination of the Masterly Tail and the Swishy. I used features of each, primarily to simplify the work, but get the best out of both.

Perfect nook on wooden deck, brick oven.

Brick oven on wooden deck Wooden deck floor with brick oven set in Back wall of oven Brick oven with going on wood heating fire

I am primarily a pizza maker (have been for years) but have already cooked a whole chicken in the oven, with side dishes and dessert all in the oven. I can’t wait to cook a whole turkey, or bake some French breads. My task now is to learn or get used to how to precisely regulate temperature and plan meals (weekends) around it. I love the aroma of burning wood in the yard and I love the aesthetic look of the oven on our deck.

Wooden deck before slab was set in Marking lines for cutting wood deck floor for concrete slab Setting slab in within deck's wooden floor level The wooden deck after concrete slab was made

Many thanks and stop by if you ever make it to Virginia Beach … the oven will be on.

inner block walls on slab Entrance width for paddle size Building outer brick walls

Hillery (Virginia Beach, VA, USA)

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  1. I had not seen or noticed it before but I was thinking of extending a row of bricks bu half an inch all around, where you have the marble or granite. Compliments! It looks good.

    By bart

  2. Great job with the oven. I live in Yorktown, VA and I’m considering taking on the challenge. Where did you get your building materials, specifically the fire bricks?


    By Don

  3. Thanks. Bricks came from Lawrenceville brick in Chesapeake.

    added by admin:
    Lawrenceville Brick & Masonry Supply at 3064 Yadkin Rd., Chesapeake, VA 23323, U.S.A.

    Great quality, various colors or styles of bricks, mortar, veneers color selection. Google map for this brick supplier:

    Enlarge map

    By Hillery

  4. Hillery,

    Love the oven! Would you mind sharing how you got the bricks to stick to the granite? My local masons and granite experts all scratch their heads and say they have never done it. I have my slab laid on a bed of type s mortar and am planning to rough the surface with my grinder, including some gouges/scores for better bite. I am also considering drilling through the slab to rebar reinforce the bricks that support the arches.


    By Luis

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