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Had a test burn. Cooked scones. Worked well.

Hi Rado,

Had the test burn and cooked a few simple scones, it all worked well. I am not surprised!

I found it a very interesting project sourcing the materials and building the oven.

Active or instant yeasts versus fresh yeast –
the only shop I have found for buying the fresh yeast type is Pennisi’s Deli located on Balaclava Street in Woolloongabba. Good idea to phone there first to see whether they have some in stock as they sometimes run out. When they have it in stock they do not mind at all to sell this yeast in whole blocks.

Pizza oven done.

Pizza oven building nearly finished

Regards Richard,

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  1. I love your designs and I will soon be ordering a CD so that I can start building this spring or early summer.

    By Bartolomeo Parete

  2. Rado I am so anxious to receive this CD so that I can start building. I have never done bricklaying but I am reading a lot about it. It definitely a great experience. I will keep in touch as the work starts and as it goes along. Thank Bart.

    By Bartolomeo Parete

  3. Dear Richard and Rado,
    What a nice looking oven. I’d love to build one but building regulations at the community where I live and the amount of space I have don’t allow me the larger structures I saw on your website. This one however looks the perfect size for me. May I know the width, depth and height dimensions?

    Also, I read in other parts of this site that thickness and mass is crucial to long roasting and baking times. May I know how long this retains sufficient heat for roasting after the flame and embers have been removed? Will it retain enough heat to roast say, a leg of lamb?

    Hope to get your valuable advice.


    By Francis

  4. I’m building one at the moment and wondered what’s the best material to have as my hearth, is there any marble or granit or stone you rather wouldn’t use?

    By dave

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