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Brick oven built by Lady. Christine.

All the brickwork on the whole project was done and finished by a woman, lady, Christine. The whole structure was also scaled down to a smaller size version. 99 percent of this whole and wonderful project was completed by female. And, Why Not?! …

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Door made out of maple wood – accurate fit

The wooden door for this MTo oven design fits in the space accurately and perfectly closes off the oven inside chamber. The door was made from maple wood. The oven fits the garden really nicely, it is a very practical garden structure for all culinary arts, gourmets. We cook in the oven everything. It has been built by Christopher in Cape Coral in Florida.

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Patio with oven on smaller surface

Oven and patio both of modest smaller footprint space. The oven was downsized and built smaller than the size of the original oven as is in the plans. Paul made extra surface by cutting off a width from the masonry stairs and placed the oven right into the newly created room next to stairs.

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Pizza oven built in New Zealand

Pizza oven built in Auckland New Zealand by Chris. Since they fired it for the first time they cooked many excellent pizzas and now Chris is into baking breads and cakes as well.

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Pizza oven built in NSW

A pizza oven built in Carwoola, New South Wales, Australia. Thank you Rado for your Masterly Tail oven design plans. We use our oven for all item cooking not only for making pizzas. We also make foccaccias and calzones.

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Small oven 24″ wide with 16″ vault height

A very small wood fired oven with 25 inch internal width and with 16 inches vault, floor to ceiling internal height. The two pizzas oven size cooks pizza absolutely really very well, same for other delicious, healthy gourmet meals and obviously not to forget on the baking.

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