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Pizza oven built in NSW

Rado, please post this photo of our finished oven. We had it ready well ahead for use at Xmas time.

The design and execution is a blend of your Masterly Oven and the design offered by Better Homes & Garden. It is one course of bricks shorter than your design but the throat and dome heights are the same.

As you can see from the photo, we topped it with concrete, rock wool and then adobe (to match the house which is also adobe). The whole sits on a concrete slab which, in turn, is on a steel table. I’ve closed in the underside of the table and fitted sliding doors to store wood and loose items from the pizza/BBQ area.

A friend gave us a copy of PIZZA PLUS book by Vincenzo Buonassissi which is just full of recipes for pizzas, foccaccias and calzones. Friends and family have enjoyed do-it-yourself pizzas.

Pizza oven in NSW

Thank you for your design, photo record, and help. It’s nice to build something that works.

Our oven is located in CARWOOLA, NSW, Australia.

Pat and Bob.

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