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Improvised with brick decoration

Hello Rado,
I wanted to send a photo of my oven firing in the morning for afternoon bread making. 0 degrees Fahrenheit = minus -17.8 degrees Celsius!! I made a peel for bread while the oven was firing; very slow and gradual start with temperature increase inside the oven due to the very low temperatures outside. Photo taken from behind glass door.

I received a copy of your tutorial last year and improvised with the brick decorations, with a little of everyone’s oven. A compilation. The bread Builders was a big help as well. The project was truly one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. Having the oven at working height was a challenge due to the level of my deck. When I built the deck I had the idea for an oven in mind. You can see the corner set up.

Heating oven up when temperatures outside are low.

It works great!!! I wanted to share my experience with others.

Oven building in the level with the deck.

Ken B
from Sutton, Massachusetts, United States.

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  1. Hi Ken,

    Love your oven-

    we are in the finishing stages of our – off the deck jsut like yours!!!

    Beautiful picture with the snow on the oven – what did you use for your roof? That’s what we are deciding next – our walls/side will be similar to yours – stucco and brick.



    By Joe

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