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Scoop Volume Size Conversion Calculator

Calculator for converting between scoop amounts and other equivalent volume measurements. Scoops into spoons, cups, fluid ounces, liters, milliliters.

For distinguishing between different sizes of existing scoops being used out there, simply use the scoop size converter tool on this web page.

The real scoop size to volume measure is an easy math. Each scoop has a scoop size number associated. That scoop number equals exactly to number of scoops in a liquid quart measure (qt). Example given: the number 8 on the scoop makes the scoop 1 eight of quart (1/8 qt) large or 4 fluid ounces = 1/2 cup big. Hence a scoop No.1 would equal to 1 quart volume measure or 32 fluid ounces (where 1 qt = 32 fl oz = 4 cups) and so on.

List of a few scoops I gradually gathered from protein or bran etc. products for making my shakes and smoothies is here. The numbers can be further converted into normal cooking spoon-measures with the scoops to spoons converter...

Scoop examples

  • Scoop size #25 (brand: National Measures) = 37.85 cc (cm³) or ml = 1.3 fl-oz = ~0.2 cup volume from Protein, Raw Vegan, from sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice (80% protein, complete Amino-Acid for 98% Assimilation)

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This automatic scoop size number versus volume conversion calculator lets you instantly convert measurements of scoops from its number into cups (US and Metric), fluid ounces - fl oz, liters - l, tablespoons - tbsp, teaspoons - tsp and quarts - qt or milliliters - ml amounts.
Enter whole numbers, decimals or fractions ie: 4, 29.65, 25 1/3

Friends asked me numerous times, how large is this scoop? What is the exact volume value of a scoop? E.g. how to measure the required scoop amount of protein for making protein drinks. Or the scoops measure to portion for cleaning liquids and other cleaning powder products.

Just look up for its scoop number first (it will be imprinted on the actual scoop or in other cases this number is mentioned on the product packaging) and enter it into this converter ... to get easy results in several equivalent volume units.

Scoops sizes chart

Scoop sizes, by number, equivalent to milliliters, fluid ounces and cups

Scoop amounts in ml, cc & fl oz, cup
volumes chart:
scoop - mlfl-ozcup
scoop size #1946.35 ml32 fl-oz4 cup
scoop size #2473.18 ml16 fl-oz2 cup
scoop size #3315.45 ml10.67 fl-oz1.33 cup
scoop size #4236.59 ml8 fl-oz1 cup
scoop size #5189.27 ml6.4 fl-oz0.8 cup
scoop size #6157.73 ml5.33 fl-oz0.67 cup
scoop size #7135.19 ml4.57 fl-oz0.57 cup
scoop size #8118.29 ml4 fl-oz1/2 cup
scoop size #9105.15 ml3.56 fl-oz0.44 cup
scoop size #1094.64 ml3.2 fl-oz0.4 cup
scoop size #1186.03 ml2.91 fl-oz0.36 cup
scoop size #1278.86 ml2.67 fl-oz0.33 cup
scoop size #1372.8 ml2.46 fl-oz0.31 cup
scoop size #1467.6 ml2.29 fl-oz0.29 cup
scoop size #1563.09 ml2.13 fl-oz0.27 cup
scoop size #1659.15 ml2 fl-oz0.25 cup
scoop size #1755.67 ml1.88 fl-oz0.24 cup
scoop size #1852.58 ml1.78 fl-oz0.22 cup
scoop size #1949.81 ml1.68 fl-oz0.21 cup
scoop size #2047.32 ml1.6 fl-oz0.2 cup
scoop - mlfl-ozcup
scoop size #2145.06 ml1.52 fl-oz0.19 cup
scoop size #2243.02 ml1.45 fl-oz0.18 cup
scoop size #2341.15 ml1.39 fl-oz0.17 cup
scoop size #2439.43 ml1.33 fl-oz0.167 cup
scoop size #2537.85 ml1.28 fl-oz0.16 cup
scoop size #2636.4 ml1.23 fl-oz0.154 cup
scoop size #2735.05 ml1.19 fl-oz0.15 cup
scoop size #2833.8 ml1.14 fl-oz0.143 cup
scoop size #2932.63 ml1.103 fl-oz0.138 cup
scoop size #3031.55 ml1.07 fl-oz0.133 cup
scoop size #3130.53 ml1.032 fl-oz0.129 cup
scoop size #3229.57 ml1 fl-oz0.125 cup
scoop size #3328.68 ml0.97 fl-oz0.121 cup
scoop size #3427.83 ml0.941 fl-oz0.118 cup
scoop size #3527.04 ml0.914 fl-oz0.114 cup
scoop size #3626.29 ml0.889 fl-oz0.111 cup
scoop size #3725.58 ml0.865 fl-oz0.108 cup
scoop size #3824.9 ml0.842 fl-oz0.105 cup
scoop size #3924.27 ml0.821 fl-oz0.103 cup
scoop size #4023.66 ml0.8 fl-oz0.1 cup
scoop - mlfl-ozcup
scoop size #4123.08 ml0.78 fl-oz0.098 cup
scoop size #4222.53 ml0.762 fl-oz0.095 cup
scoop size #4322.01 ml0.744 fl-oz0.093 cup
scoop size #4421.51 ml0.727 fl-oz0.091 cup
scoop size #4521.03 ml0.711 fl-oz0.089 cup
scoop size #4620.57 ml0.696 fl-oz0.087 cup
scoop size #4720.14 ml0.681 fl-oz0.085 cup
scoop size #4819.72 ml0.667 fl-oz0.083 cup
scoop size #4919.31 ml0.653 fl-oz0.082 cup
scoop size #5018.93 ml0.64 fl-oz0.08 cup
scoop size #5118.56 ml0.627 fl-oz0.078 cup
scoop size #5218.2 ml0.615 fl-oz0.077 cup
scoop size #5317.86 ml0.604 fl-oz0.075 cup
scoop size #5417.53 ml0.593 fl-oz0.074 cup
scoop size #5517.21 ml0.582 fl-oz0.073 cup
scoop size #5616.9 ml0.571 fl-oz0.071 cup
scoop size #5716.6 ml0.561 fl-oz0.07 cup
scoop size #5816.32 ml0.55 fl-oz0.069 cup
scoop size #5916.04 ml0.542 fl-oz0.068 cup
scoop size #6015.77 ml0.533 fl-oz0.067 cup
scoop - mlfl-ozcup
scoop size #6115.51 ml0.525 fl-oz0.066 cup
scoop size #6215.26 ml0.516 fl-oz0.065 cup
scoop size #6315.02 ml0.508 fl-oz0.063 cup
scoop size #6414.79 ml0.5 fl-oz0.063 cup
scoop size #6514.56 ml0.492 fl-oz0.062 cup
scoop size #6614.34 ml0.485 fl-oz0.061 cup
scoop size #6714.13 ml0.478 fl-oz0.06 cup
scoop size #6813.92 ml0.471 fl-oz0.059 cup
scoop size #6913.72 ml0.464 fl-oz0.058 cup
scoop size #7013.5 ml0.457 fl-oz0.057 cup

The logic of it:
The lower the number of a scoop, the more volume size increases. Higher the No. of a scoop the more scoop capacity size decreases.

The higher the scoop number, the lower is its volume

Scoop size No. 1/4 = 4 quarts
Scoop size No. 1/2 = 2 quarts
scoop size No. 1 = 1 qt
Scoop size # 8 = 1/8th qt or 0.125 qt
Scoop size # 10 = 1/10 qt or 0.1 qt
Scoop size # 25 = 1/25th qt or 0.04 qt

Discussions about scoop sizes and various scoop references

Question: This website is helpful, but you only gave one identification for the scoop, scoop number 25 for national measures. Scoops usually have company name and cc measure (cubic centimeter). It is not possible to identify my scoop and cross reference on your page without it.

Answer: I have added the additional measures data incl. the cm³ size volume to the page information.

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