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Welcome to Wood Oven Builder's wish list

Welcome to my wish list and to

Rado Hand wish list, what I'd really like to have.
My wish list.
DOB 1/Oct.
Will help us directly or indirectly to make this website even better.

1. A pair of socks made of pure cotton - big size, you mustn't send me secondhand /you can add pair 2/ any color. I destroy many when working with no boots on inside the house or when walking on clean firebrick hearth.
* Thank you; Daniel B (PA), Gerald H (WA), Hana W (U.K.), Rob (U.K.), Nathan (Vic.), AB (Vic.), Almut R (CA), your disks have been sent to you promptly!

2. Plain cotton T-shirt - X-large or even XXL-large any color, 100% cotton, it's a warm summer in beautiful Australia and in the winter they warm me up under my shirt. Before ~10th wash I also sleep in them, so now you know what I do with T-shirt you're sending.
* Thank you; Tam W (Vic.), Melinda J (NSW), John W (VA), Tudor (U.K.), Valeria (Qld.), Gerald H (WA), Adrienne Z (NV), Tony C (NSW), John (WA), Ben (TX), Almut R (CA), they are awesome!

3. Write able 700MB CD-R pack - only TDK or Sony quality, my building CDrom goes on these to people like you, so they are better (I could be in advertising.)
* Thank you; Paul (NSW)

4. Current Australian text sign picture0.60 postage stamps - (60 cents) I am using these ones to post you my clear wood oven building workshop on cdrom.
* Thank you; Nick (SA), Valeria (Qld.), Peter G (NSW), John L (Vic.), Tony H (Qld.), Nathan & Cathie (Qld.), Peter S (SA), Dave M (ACT!!!), Mark D (WA).

5. Write about something that you enjoy doing - and email it to me with a couple photos that you take (original-large image files), and your postal address for the CD's can be sent out promptly! It becomes your article published on website on a new page. Something practical, what can help to other people. E.g. any how to or DIY topics, story, a product review others may benefit from. Obsessive and comprehensive perfectionists are welcomed. It has to be new/one-and-only text, not copied from the Internet.
* Thank you; Michael (WA), Ervin (CA), Greg (Qld.), Anne (New Zealand), Jim (OH), Mel (Vic.), David G (WA), Peter D (SA), Hannah I (England), Marni R (Canada), Matt P (NY)

6. Collins Thesaurus & Dictionary on CDrom software - time for me to broaden my vocabulary especially in public situations e.g. matters in this website. I come from non English speaking background and at times I found it difficult to come up with jazzy sentences. If you read me here, I believe you too - find it difficult to read :o)
* Thank you Dada

7. Barracuda Hard disk drive 80GB - 7200rpm - I am going to create bigger galleries, that's a lots of photographs, must store them somewhere.
* Thank you Martin

8. Antihistamine tablets - Teldane or Claratyne are the best helping me to cope with bad hay-fever allergy symptoms in summer season. Those who get the same (bad attacks) know what I talk about...
* Thank you; Jill (CA), Han (WA), Nathan (Vic.)

9. "Amelie from Montmartre" a DVD movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet - this one lifts my spirit and makes me happy each time I see it.
* Thank you Genevieve

10. "Fiddler on the Roof" a DVD movie. Film version of one of the greatest musicals ever, based on the story by Sholom Aleichem. I have never seen it live but as a movie it's a masterpiece also. Broadway show struck such a universal chord of audiences, that it was for a time the longest running production in history.
* Thank you Dadka

11. "Getting Square" a movie on DVD - an Aussie crime comedy. Have you seen it? Oh come on, you haven't!? Er, yes that will not do what you want, this is a must see movie. Perfect camera, sounds of thongs effects, excellent humor, acting, real slang language, you won't be disappointed, not for a second, "sweet as a nut"!
* Thank you Annette, thank you Rene

12. "Lord of the Rings" 3 - DVD movie - I have parts 1 and 2 already in my collection and I think part 3 was done the best.
* Thank you Ester

13. "Rat race" a movie on DVD - While with comedies this is a good one too. Preferably, watch only when you are fine to unwind unconditionally, without being afraid someone may just watch you and study your noble identity.
* Thank you Mark V. (AZ)

14. Raincoat Water resistant overcoat, larger of stronger-better quality, it can have a logo on. Something like for gardening, building or hiking. I had one very good one from Bunnings but I accidentally ripped it on one side while cutting reinforcing mesh. It's sticky taped with concretor's silver tape now.

15. Sony internal cdrom writer - the building cd Log grows. Added folders like the "Equivalent Materials and Sources" (fire clays, refractory mortars, firebricks, heat insulations - substitutes to use and locating) or the "In Dome" photographs of fires and meals in the oven, plus new MTo design!!! (Masterly Tail oven), it all adds me to writing time.
* Thank you Tom M. (NC)

16. Your older notebook pc - say if you recently replaced your old laptop for a new one and have no use for that old crap really, I could take it with me to park and write more articles for this website. To me it would be so useful! It would make me very happy if you found my writing useful too...
* Thank you Annette & Mike (Qld.) for this fabulous Dell Inspiron!!!

17. Tooth brush SOFT - good quality, new un-open, not those that you try and don't like :o)
* Thank you; Sepehr (Canada), Tam W (Vic.), Rene (WA), Ben (Qld.), Anthony (IL), Samantha (Qld.).

18. Look at - my Amazon wish list, maybe you would like to own some of the same items too.

19. The Bread Baker's Apprentice - book by Peter Reinhart. This is the bakers' book, full stop. Great reading at some nights for me, I have one, but I need two.
* Thank you Guillermo (FL)

Please use my postal address for any mail for me:

Rado Hand
PO Box 349
The Gap, Queensland 4061

phone: (07) 33000048
overseas callers: +61 7 33000048

Building swishy wood burning pizza oven

Building oven 370 small pictures from the CD.

"if you can help me shoulder the cost of running the site..."
I am not trying to use the "any open source" model to secretly sell stuff -- and I reckon I am a very honest person so assume no -- it is alright to say what I did.
Very good but hard for me to have a non-commercial site. I think all of us on the web now realize there is a cost to things. RH

by Rado Hand

Special gift idea ... you won't regret buyin'.

After pizzas use the stored heat-energy for baking breads in brick ovens (or in conventional.) In fact you can bake for 4 to 6 hours reloading batches in the oven, including slow long time roasting at baking temperatures. My favorites are whole mixed grains breads, sour dough and Turkish breads, sweets of course. It's a good idea to own a proper book about baking strategies, I ordered this one from eBay and I'm enjoying reading it ever since:

The bread bakers apprentice book. To order this book click here
Great as present, or must have DIY Book by Peter Reinhart: "The Bread Baker's Apprentice".

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