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House backyard garden brick oven building.
Home backyard Wood burning oven for bread, pizza etc.

Wood burning oven: building plans,
tutorial with pictures.

Building 'Swishy wood pizza oven', page 1

I took more than 354 detailed pictures while building this wood burning oven which is great for pizza, bread or any other meal you could fit in. Photographs in multiple angles show you all details for each building stage. Its a complete guide on what you need to know for building a good wood burning oven project yourselves: How to make it from A to Z.

*If you like or if you prefer, page 3 basically also tells about how you can build a simpler version of the wood oven easily using elements of this oven design. E.g. you can build it simply sitting on the ground, in its simplest form, if you look directly at the oven cooking part as on the one module to take. This is even easier with the MTo design (I built such oven and how I went about it is also shown inside one MTo sub-folder, this mentioned "modest" oven is used for business.)

Details on how to build wood burning oven.
Home bread oven entry.

Everything you need to know is here: From finding the spot and the ground-work, to how to go about laying the base concrete slab, through to placing the chimney cap, brick by brick photos of forming the dome using a wooden template, making the hearth floor, every angle of the flue and explaining how to go about the chimney - from the first chimney brick to last chimney brick - with internal focus shots as well. Also included are plans for the dome chamber entry door, important dome height to door height ratio measurements for proper fire burning, outside arch decorations, roof construction and so on.

Wood fired pizza oven brick work plans.
ZigZag decorative wood burning oven corners.

I made a thorough list of all materials used and their quantity to assist you in building the oven, a mortar recipe with ingredients to join the dome bricks, a clay-sand mix for so called 'sand bed' on which you place all hearth bricks to level them up nicely, a backup heat insulation mixture recipe and also drawings with measurements for oven walls and dome slab.

Oven's dome entry brick work details.
Fine work on wood burning oven brick entry arch.

You can build you oven the same size as this one or freely change the depth and width to your measurements by adding or taking off one brick off every side. The same goes for the visual decoration on the outside of the oven. But building it as described will make a perfect home wood burning oven with no mistake.

If you'd like to own this oven, but have no time to build, make me an offer and we consult further.
I will be delighted to hear any that you may have.

Picture on brick firing dome arch design.
Detailed brick work, build wood pizza oven.

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Using fire bricks is the best option to build a proper dome firing chamber for the wood-burning oven; it will last ages. Refractory firebricks (fragments of the dome that can move) have great thermal properties, will not peel after time and will not develop major cracks. Those could be words of my grandfather.

by Rado Hand

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