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Tutorials on wood fired pizza ovens topics

Wood fired brick ovens for baking bread, cooking pizza and roasting meats. Building wood ovens, chimney, flue, dome, hearth, door for baking, fires making, pizza dough and other culinary.

Free tutorials on wood fired pizza ovens topics

Making a good pizza. Dough and pizza base.

How to make pizza dough, recipe ingredients, base making instructions.

Going through this page you will find out how to make a perfect pizza, pizza dough and how to make a pizza base from the dough. Let me know after you eat it ;-) Recipe and ingredients for both the pizza dough and pizza base toppings.

Wood fired oven recipe for making pizza.
Making pizza From A to Z, pizza dough recipe, base ingredients & pizza toppings

Building a proper wood burning ovens.

Wood oven plans

How to build a good oven, 370+ detailed pictures cover everything and in all angles for the project. If you can't do it following these nothing more can help. Well, if you plan to build by your self this tutorial workshop with pictures will tell you 100% how.

Measurements with drawings, material quantities and mix recipes are included.

Wood fired oven for pizza built carefully and slow.
Build your own great wood burning backyard oven

* Difference between properly built quality wood fired oven and simply built wood fired ovens? All it takes is only a little extra effort for a large contrast from fast built wood oven.

Making wooden door for baking in wood fired ovens.

A few easy steps on how to complete the wooden door. Materials and sizes described, this is fun and very easy.
Why do we use a door made from wood for baking in wood fired ovens, and why do we soak the door in the water before baking? Find out why..

Making wooden door for wood fired ovens.
How to make wooden door for wood fired ovens

How to light up the fire and keeping a small fire in wood ovens for continuous pizza cooking.

Starting up the fire, creating hot embers, slowing the fire, and if desired, keeping the gentle fire in a wood ovens on for a long time. Suppose you let the fire down too much and want to start it again.

Making and maintaining fires in wood brick ovens.
Maintaining different types of fire in wood ovens

Try this lovely way of cooking meat meals.

Lamb, beef, chicken or turkey in wood ovens.

This is Dada's way of making "Zivanska" /just a name for this meal from where she learned about it/. There were no traces of burned bottom or anywhere in each container and the food was very tender.
Again as with the pizza recipe all ingredients and techniques mentioned.

Meal with meat for wood fired ovens.
Lovely meat meal and veggies from wood pizza ovens

Refractory concrete mixing by hand.

Recipe for refractory concrete if you look into building your wood fired oven out of this mixture instead of firebricks. Ingredients ratio and how to use a shovel instead of a concrete mixing machine.

Making ovens out of refractory concrete mixture recipe.
Refractory concrete ingredients and mixing by hand

When the dome becomes hot for pizza and when for bread baking.

About a temperature in wood burning ovens

Just by looking inside the wood oven's dome you can read the temperature from the color of the walls without using a fancy thermometer. Also, you can throw a little amount of flour on the hearth floor and guess a dome temperature according it's behavior.

Temperature in fired wood ovens.
When is wood fired pizza oven hot for cooking

Simpler wood fired oven sitting on the ground.

I get for free everything for building of this wood fired oven except concrete gravel and mortar, materials are just laying around us.

It's going to be 1m in diameter and well insulated to prevent the heat from escaping instead cooking for me for a long time.

Simpler wood fired oven building plans

Here goes, 8 tutorials for wood burning ovens subjects

After pizzas use the stored heat energy for baking breads.

In fact you can bake for 4 to 6 hours reloading batches in the oven (including slow long time roasting at baking temperatures.) My favorites are whole mixed grains breads, Sour Dough and Turkish breads, sweets of course. It's a good idea to own a proper book about baking strategies, I ordered this one from eBay and I'm enjoying reading it ever since:

The bread bakers apprentice book. To order this book click here
Great as present, or must have DIY Book by Peter Reinhart: "The Bread Baker's Apprentice".

L-lysine and L-arginine amino acids amounts and ratios in food products in alphabetical order (or foods in order from lowest to highest L-lysine amount.)

A to Z information on L-lysine amino acid importance in treatment and prevention of cold sore virus.

by Rado Hand

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