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A very nice recipe for a meat meal cooked in your wood oven.

Directions for a lovely meat meal which can be easily prepared in wood fired brick ovens. It is only one possible culinary way of many for how to create very lovely food by traditional cooking with using fire as the heat energy.

Preparation time 20 minutes and cooking for 15 - 20 minutes

* Recipe adopted from a left-hander whom I admire entirely.

I think it is fabulous this beef. It is clean and gets cooked in healthy way. I am actually buying medium size clay pots with lids for this kind of culinary. The meal can be cooked in any oven, not just in wood fired brick ovens (although it has to be reminded that everything tastes always much better once it comes out from WFO's atmosphere). Electric and gas ovens will cook this food just as well.

The meal preparation photo sequence:

Picture shows all ingredients for meat meal.
All ingredients needed to prepare this meal.


Cut all ingredients and put inside one by one.
Slicing and placing ingredients in containers.


Adding some salt into the meal for your wood oven.
Different color variations to have meals more jazzy.


Cutting greens for the taste and for a look.
Do not forget on a dash or even more of olive oil and at least a little bit of some healthy sea salt.


Cooking meat meal for wood brick ovens.
Final filling up, onions, mushrooms, chilly, spices.


Meat meals preparations in wood burning brick ovens
Close the containers and off they go to the oven.


A way of meat meal cooking using fire in wood ovens.
You can fit in a lot more at ones,
open to check the progress after 10 minutes.


Cooking using fire in brick wood ovens.
Left to cook for 5 to 10 more minutes and served.


Picture of the finished dish!
Meals had a nice aroma as well as lovely taste.

And this is it. Tender meal with a very nice flavor AND this food also leaves you with a great after-taste, lasting for an hour at least :). Enjoy!

After pizzas use the stored heat energy for baking breads.

In fact you can bake for 4 to 6 hours reloading batches in the oven (including slow long time roasting at baking temperatures.) My favorites are whole mixed grains breads, Sour Dough and Turkish breads, sweets of course. It's a good idea to own a proper book about baking strategies, I ordered this one from eBay and I'm enjoying reading it ever since:

The bread bakers apprentice book. To order this book click here
Great as present, or must have DIY Book by Peter Reinhart: "The Bread Baker's Apprentice".

by Rado Hand

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