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Meals Gallery

Pictures of meals made in wood fired ovens. Photographs of pizza, bread, meat dishes cooked traditional way by using pure gentle heat from fire in wood burning brick ovens.

This is how a crispy thin base pizza looks like from the other side. So here you have a bottom view of a pizza created in a very hot conditions on heated firebricks. Simply, it is the most natural cooking. We would have to forget about it there to burn it.

Crispy Pizza created with a crust in the base, view from the bottom.
Bottom view of a crispy thin pizza base done on firebrick hearth in a very hot dome.

Enjoy. Space waiting for your photos. Email us your photographs and some accompanying text for your meal gallery page on TO. Please email only large pictures, original as they come out from a photo camera, so they will remain sharp.

by Rado Hand

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