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Flour amounts converters for culinary baking. Culinary volume versus weights measures exchange for bakers and chefs.

Flour units conversion tools

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Choose your flour type:
00 flour type
all purpose flour (apf)
almond flour
amaranth flour
arrowroot flour
atta flour (wholemeal)
baker’s flour
barley flour
black bean flour
bread flour
buckwheat flour
cake flour
carob flour
chestnut flour
chickpea flour
coconut flour
continental flour
cookie flour
cracker flour
durum flour
garbanzo flour
gluten rich flour
gluten free flour (gff)
graham flour
gram flour
hard flour
kamut flour
khorasan flour
lupin flour
millet flour
oat flour
organic flour
pasta flour
pastry flour
pizza flour
plain flour (pf) white
potato flour
protein flour
purpose flour
quinoa flour
white rice flour
brown rice flour
rye flour
self raising flour (srf)
semolina flour
sorghum flour
soy flour
strong flour
spelt flour white
spelt flour wholemeal
tapioca flour
teff flour
unbleached flour
wheat flour
white flour
whole grain flour (wgf)
wholemeal flour
whole wheat flour (wwf)
coarse whole wheat flour

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