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Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health

Papaya fruits, pawpaw fruits. Just recently I came across an eye opening book by Barry Thomson “Join Our Escape From Death Row-Cancer Jail”, where he in a most genuine and generous ways shares valuable information and his knowledge in effective fight against cancer and ill health. Among other very interesting information I red about simple but wonderful papaya and its healing properties. One chapter in this book awoke in me more desire to learn and research as much as I possibly could because on a professional level I deal with people suffering many different health issues and aliments who look for alternative ways to help them. I would love to share what I know as I believe it can make difference in everyday life of many others. I am also hoping that this will prompt other people to share their knowledge about improving our general well being and health. (this book is further described in comment #100 below)

Papaya, Paw Paw, Papaw, Tree Melon (botanical name Carica papaya), it has oblong shape, normally greenish yellow, yellow or orange color. It is a large tree plant fruit usually reaching 2.5 kg or 5.5 lb. It has bitter sweet taste and comes from tropical places with higher humidity, native to Mexico, countries of Central America, Thailand, Africa and Asia and growing well in Australia.

Papaya Health Benefits

Paw Paw how we call it here in Australia is these days plentiful all year round in most of the countries. The parts that are used medicinally are fruit, seeds, stems and leaves. I did look around and found out you can buy paw paw in all forms, in a form of fermented papaya, herbal teas even tablets and of course plenty of the fresh fruit, which can be eaten as it is or in a form of juice. So you ask what are these awesome healing properties of paw paw? Well where do I start? Papaya fruit is and excellent source of dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, C and E. It also contains small amount of calcium, iron, riboflavin, thiamine and niacine. It is also very rich in antioxidant nutrients flavonoids and carotenes, very high in vitamin C plus A, and low in calories and sodium.

Pawpaw - papaya for health - papaya tree leaves and green pawpaws. PawPaw tree. Paw paw is rich in enzymes called papain and chymopapain which helps with the digestion, particularly it breaks down the proteins from the food we eat into amino acids. The latest research shows that amino acids are responsible for all what is happening in our organism, basically for what is happening in every chemical reaction as well as our mental and physical health. As we age we produce less of the digestive enzymes in our stomach and pancreas, which leads to ineffective digestion of proteins. Due to this we end up with excess amount of undigested protein, which leads to overgrowth of the bad bacteria in our gastrointestinal system and not enough of amino acids to perform all important chemical reactions. We can say that good quality protein is absolutely essential for our healthy being. This is where the papaya enzymes can be very beneficial.

Photo of papaya leaf having 1 foot or 30 cm across in diameter. The papain enzymes are produced in the skinny peel of paw paw. The combination of these enzymes repels insect during the ripening, without this protection paw paw fruit would not survive. Eating paw paw after a meal makes for better digestion, prevents bloating and chronic indigestion. It can also lower the inflammation in the body, alleviates the pain and edema caused by sport injuries. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties papaya can relieve the severity of Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Because of its high antioxidant content, papaya can prevent cholesterol oxidation and can be use in a preventative treatments against atherosclerosis, strokes, heart attacks and diabetic heart disease.

In a everyday health papaya works magic on strengthening the immune system preventing the recurrent colds and flu. After treatment with antibiotics eating paw paw or drinking its juice replenishes the good intestinal bacteria, which was destroyed by the antibiotic treatment. The latest good news from eating paw paw comes down once again to papain the enzyme which I talked about, it was found to destroy intestinal parasites. Papain is proteolitic enzyme, which means that it digests inert (non-living) proteins. Intestinal parasites are largely protein, the papain attacks it and causes parasite to die. Also, home applications of leaf and bark papaya extract is used to deal with mouth gums and toothaches which is being effectively practised in many cultures around the world.

Papaya Research and Products

Papain is also being studied for relief of cancer therapy side effects, especially relieving side effects such as difficulty swallowing and mouth sores after radiation and chemotherapy as well as boosting up the immune system and helping body to fight the cancer. I am big fan of the products made by Rochway, Australian company, as they use organically grown papaya, producing among other products, product called Papaya35, fermented papaya enzymes. They also produce Blueberry and PawPaw probiotic Punch, which has very strong antioxidant properties that protects against free radicals. Free radicals contribute largely in many diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Rochway products are 99% sugar free which makes them suitable for people suffering diabetes as well. As you can see there is plenty we can benefit from this simple fruit, more and more research is being done and I can’t wait to hear more about it.

For references and more on the current studies you can look up PubMed Gov. ( search ) As for the products there are few available on the market. I am sure if you look around you will be able to find many available or simply stick with the fresh fruit. However if you are looking or hoping for more therapeutic effect of eating papaya, you need to be aware the unripened papaya (still green papaya) contains far more of the proteolytic enzymes papain and chymopapain than ripened papaya which we commonly eat. You can also juice the leaves and stems but be prepared for the vile taste of it …. you can’t naturally like its taste nor does the cancer cells.

Summary of Healing Properties of Papaya

  • Increases quality of proteins in whole organism.
  • Revitalize the human body and maintain energy and vitality.
  • Encourages the renewal of muscle tissue.
  • Supports cardiovascular system.
  • Boosts up the immune system.
  • Helps with the digestive system, by breaking down the proteins and supporting production of digestive enzymes.
  • Papaya can be use also externally as a treatment for skin wounds that don’t heal quickly, for this you can use papaya peel or ointments made out of papaya.
  • Prevents the cataract formation.
  • Due to high vitamin A, it lowers the risk of emphysema in smokers and passive smokers.
  • Alleviates inflammation.
  • Helps with the nausea and constipation.
  • Can benefit people suffering colon cancer and other forms of cancers and aliments of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

I would absolutely love new info on papaya and I would love to hear from any one who used it to improve their health.

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  2. Nutrients weights with values below are for edible papaya/pawpaw part, seeds with skin refused (minus ~38%).
    1 cup in 1 inch or 25mm papaya cubes = 5.1 oz net wt. = 145 grams
    1 cup of mashed papaya = 8.1 oz net wt. = 230 grams
    . Complete and accurate nutritional info of papaya, raw fresh fruit in the traditional oven long foods list.

    Mrs. Green’s next article on: Omega-3 in fish oil liquid for health.

    Robert’s articles:
    The Tree of Life Papaya

    Papaya for true health to time indefinite

    By Papaya nutrients

  3. I do agree with you that papaya is a great fruit for your health. For healing sicknesses and for prevention for good healthy life.
    I myself used it after recovering from Jaundice.

    By himanshu

  4. Thanks for that Himanshu, I didn’t know that papaya is used in the diet and recovery diet from jaundice, I am going to find out more about it. I like your blog.

    * People asked me how to make papaya tea. (Papaya equals pawpaw, it’s the same thing.) Basically, when you make a quick herbal teas, pour boiling water on your herbs and close the pot. Leave it closed till the temperature drops downwards to a drinkable state that best suits to an individual’s preference. At home we pre-warm our tea pots, by simply leaving them sit on top of our hot-water system, which is inside of a closed cupboard and it’s warm in there.

    By Dada

  5. i recently heard that pawpaw leaves crushed and drank can help build the immune system so much it can actually help remove dengue fever bacteria from the system . so i’m still looking for that info to confirm. reply if u know of this

    By charmaine

  6. Papaya is an important fruit tree for diet and health improvement in Uganda. I am currently undertaking a protocal to research on it. Will be greatful if I get more literature about it.
    Thank you

    By Boaz

  7. Such a huge benefit papaya has on health! It is also a cheap fruit available in many countries. It is well suited for some precautionary measures of some diseases in human. Thanks for your post as this will result in health improvements for many visitors.

    By four poster bed

  8. I love papayas, but I never knew that they are so beneficial. Who would have thought that it can prevent some types of cancer? Even more, I had no idea that people have started using papaya for medicine, I am glad I consume it often. Thanks for the information; I will now pass it on to my friends and family.

    By Ben earth4energy review

  9. papaya and health being

    When I was a student I had a lot of gastro-type problems e.g. too much acid – I would never leave home without gaviscon! I’d feel nauseous and retch but wouldn’t actually throw up. I was treated with various ulcer-type medicines and eventually had an endoscopy which found nothing. After that I started seeing a naturopath who got me to eat nothing but pawpaw. She never actually told me what had been wrong – but the pawpaw fixed me up within about a month!

    By Andrea on papaya and health

  10. For last two years I have made in my kitchen, just for my family, some of fermentated beverages: ‘Kombucha Tea,’ from the living medusin-is ready in 8-10 days; ‘Tibetian kefir’, made with the living dairy bacteria-is ready in 24 hours. I made fermentated different veges (f.e., soy beans) and fruits (f.e., unpeeled bananas). Tomorow I will fermentate blended whole papaya with peel, seeds and fruit itself, using very strong dairy bacterias.
    How and what are You fermentate? Let’ do exchahge of our experience. 01.11.09 St. Paul. USA

    By Gregory

  11. i like to eat paw paw. it gives me more vitamins and helps me to be more powerful. hope that this little words of mine could inspire more people to eat papaya.


  12. When anyone in my family has a toothache due to a hole in any of the tooth, my mother would get a papaya leaf and scrape the bark off the stick then sqeeze the juice out into the tooth that troubles you. You repeated that twice or three times. After a short while, you do not feel the pain anymore. It has been used for many generations in the past.

    By Kaloni

  13. I have a receipe for paw paw tea that my great grandfather used to cure his stomach cancer I think in the 1930’s. My mother told me that he was taken to Sydney Australia from his country home to be operated on they found when opened up that he had stomach cancer and nothing could be done. So he returned home and set about finding a cure, he believed you had to find something bitter(that’s where the paw paw tea came into the equation) that the cancer didn’t like and every other food to be red or orange. He cured himself and he lived another 7 years and died of a heart attack and no signs of cancer.

    By Pam Rasmussen

  14. After prolong standing on my feet my feet and ankles would swell to more than double the normal size. A gentlemen from Mexico told me to eat papaya and the swelling would disappear. Sure enough – I ate it and the swelling was gone within 48 hours. It does work and I will continue eat papaya after each meal.

    By rocky

  15. I heard that papaya leaves juice can cure dengue fever. Hope for the best.

    By Mahinda

  16. My grandmother was cured of stomach cancer in the early 1960’s with consuming the whole papaya. She was told by her physician that she had stomach cancer which was inoperable and to go home and put her affairs in order. Instead, she took off for Mexico to a health resort, and there she was instructed on how to go about juicing the whole papaya, seeds and all! Papaya was readily available to her upon her arrival home to So. Florida. Eight months later, she was declared, by her doctor, as totally cured–no sign of cancer!! She lived for another 14 years with no sign of cancer; ended up dying of heart complications, which she had prior to her cancer diagnosis.

    We give God all the glory and praise for healing her and for using this fruit in the healing process!

    My sibling has recently been diagnosed with a rare squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach and he is currently using papaya as a managing tool for comfort, nausea, and reducing of inflammation while more medical tests are being done on him to see what the doctors are gathering for the best treatment for him. Meanwhile, we trust the Lord for healing once again. Our God is an awesome God!

    By J. R.

  17. Thank you for your great article on Paw Paw.

    As I grow my own Paw Paw I found your article very interesting
    and also have found that my digestive system feels great after eating
    paw paw after a meal. So I googled ” the health benefits of paw paw”
    an your page popped up.

    I just thought you might like to know about two typos I found
    on your page. This is not a complaint. I know webmasters are always
    asking for submissions on errors on their sites.

    • Encourages the renewal of musle {Muscle} tissue.
    • Helps with the digestive system, by braking {Breaking} down the proteins and supporting production of digestive enzymes.

    Thanks again.

    Added by admin:
    Thank you Valerie, I fixed those two typos – braking { Breaking } and musle { Muscle }, took me some time though. I can see that you have red this page thoroughly …

    By Valerie

  18. i remember in the 70’s in a hospital in South Africa we used the flesh of the paw paw to heal a massive bed sore.

    By daisy

  19. i needed to loose weight, and being a health consultant, i decided to try out paw-paw, so i could recommend it to people i came in contact with who are desirous of loosing weight. i am glad to tell you that it worked well for me and it is still working. i plan recommend it as a very safe alternative in trying to lose weight.

    By funmi paul

  20. also, it had been impressed on my heart that paw-paw might be able to control cancer which was what prompted this search, and i am delighted that my feeling has been confirmed. this is so important to me because i have been researching on the treatment of cancers naturally, as i am a health consultant. in addition to this, paw-paw also have skin conditioning properties!

    By funmi paul

  21. This is awesome….am eating paw paw as we speak and had it years ago! I have terrible acid and bloatedness and am so glad i searched for the benefits of this fruit. Will advise my whole family and keep on eating it for years. Thank you!

    By Rokea

  22. I understand too that Paw Paw contains magnesium. They used to make a stomach powder in South Africa called Pawmag which was an ant-acid for stomach upsets, made from Paw Paw.

    By Rae

  23. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer about two and a half years ago, after surgery the doctor insisted on BCG treatment (a form of tuberculosis) which flushed into my bladder weekly for 6 weeks, after 3 months and an inspection the cancer had subsided a bit but was still active. A local farmer told me about pawpaw leaf tea, so I drank it thrice daily following each dose with a teaspoon of organic molassis for 3 months *. After which another check revealed no trace of any tumor another checkup is due in mid 2010. You can draw your own conclusion.

    * Blackstrap molasses is a popular healing remedy and health food ingredient. Molasses is a viscous byproduct from processing sugar beets and sugar cane into sugar.

    By Neil Anderson

  24. About twenty or so years ago my mother ate or drank of papaya (Paw Paw) daily. She had many conditions, so I forget what she was taking it for … but it worked! She died about fifteen years later of an unrelated disorder aged about eighty.

    My wife was quadraplegic and had sinus ulcers from respite-care mis-handling. I used Dr Lucas Paw Paw ointment as a skin-healing growth-accellerant (in conjunction with other medications to kill off golden staff and sudamonis colonisations) and when she died many years later, the doctors and nurses were dumbfounded that she had no skin lesions.

    I found that paw paw ointment could be used where manuka honey couldn’t because the honey blocked my wife’s exudate from escaping her wounds. Also she needed her skin to heal quickly or else bed-sores etcetera would develop.

    We’ve used paw paw products in our family for at least twenty years and our friends are eternally grateful for our telling them about it.

    By Bob

  25. yes .. i love to eat papaya specially during breakfast… i
    love the fruit and the taste and above all its nutritional value..
    i never knew that it could fight against cancer ..and delays the aeging
    process, i encourage others to try this friut too…

    By binod

  26. Papaya and health

    I’m seeking a help about the antihelimintic property of papaya leaf extract. (“Antihelminthic property” or “Anthelmintic property” often referred to seed oils.) if you had any information on that there. Anyway I am a student of Cagayan State University taking up bachelor of science in chemistry.

    By ronalyn p. cabang

  27. The leaves too are used a lot here in PNG to relieve the symptoms of Malaria. Boiled and drank 1/2 cup as it is bitter or with tea.
    You can also boil plenty of the leaves in a lot of water and have a long soak to relieve body aches and pains, or just to feel good and ease tension.

    By Louise

  28. What some helpful information you are supplying, i do hope everyone who comes across such wonderful information on the benefits of the paw paw will use it to keep healthy. I am already taking a lot of it to help me lower my blood sugar levels, i pray it works.

    Ruth Sibanda Zimbabwe Gweru

    By Ruth Sibanda

  29. The health benefits of papaya, or paw-paw as we call it in South Africa, are truly phenomenal. I have a condition called duodenitis and I find that when I have discomfort a few teaspoons for paw-mag in a half glass of water really helps. Fresh paw-paw works even better!

    The duodenum is the initial part of the small intestine, in humans about 25cm to 30 cm or 10″ to 12 inches in length of the gut part, bending tube up to 3 times, and so duodenitis condition is acute or chronic inflammation of this duodenum section.

    By kirsten talbot

  30. Please as an advice do not take dried papaya leaf with Malaysian Tongkat Ali, can get hospitalised for that. Can be very bad for a human heart. Benefits are that this shrub by strengthening the immunity system helps with fighting against mental fatigue and also physical exhaustion, but on the other hand at the same time this can also create side effects.

    Is there any market for bartering dried papaya leafs with olives packed in saltwater?

    (*added: this comment is mentioned below in reply No. 124)

    By AARahim

  31. I will need more information on how to extract papain enzyme and chymopapain from paw paw. Also i want to know how to process pawpaw leaves, skin etc for other values. Please email me with details on

    By Ikputu

  32. I took 1.5 to 2 cups cold papa in a blender with 1/2 cup plain, sugar-free yogurt or home made yogurt, along with some molasses, ice, and some water…makes a great papa flavored shake. Add a banana, too. It’s very subtle, but you might like the flavor.
    Chewing any food is of much more value than drinking anything, as any time you have pressure on the teeth and gums, you activate enzymes all through the GI track, which is needed to properly digest. Actually, the stomach has some enzymes, when it is depleted, the pancreas is the back up. When the pancreas is depleted of all enzymes, you are diabetic!!! So, chew and eat raw fruits and vegetables, so that you are replenishing the enzymes you so much need. Any questions? Have a great day. Thanks for all of you contributions.

    Added in by admin:

    Hi Steve,
    wonderful papaya shake recipe, thank you very munch for sharing. We’ll make it at home this weekend. For sure people need to watch their pancreas and its insulin production. It’s very important, also how much weight we put on mainly in the area around our waist which puts an extra pressure on pancreas, consequences would be that one can become a diabetic (am I right?)
    You’ve mentioned also: “Any questions?” – of course YES we do have – rising awareness on health issues and learning about is/should be important for everybody; Could you create an article on this subject Mate?, we could post it as an individual page on the site for public to go through, many people will visit and read it and, be informed. Thank you ahead, Rado.

    By Steve

  33. As for AARahim’s quip, “Is there a market for papaya leaves packed in salt water,” let that person ask himself, if they have ever exerted their mind to do anything they weren’t told to? You may answer for yourselves. I personally have met people who “had” MS. I saw an autistic boy, who spoke not a word ’til he was 4, but now is as normal as you and I. I know a woman born deaf & remained so until 78 years, where she had to progressively turn down her digital telephone–from 10 to 9,8,7, etc-it was becoming too loud for her. I know people whose eyesight has improved 2 prescriptions & still improving. Shall I go on to tell you of the childless now pregnant, the blind who see, the arthritic who are creak-free, the mentally unstable, who now live in peace & confidence, the cancerous, the heart diseased…it goes on and on…the unhappy couples, now smiling and holding hands? I can see the moon, but just because I haven’t set foot on it, doesn’t mean it isn’t really there. So, I can’t deny that someone else hasn’t. Nonsense, isn’t it?

    (*added: this comment is mentioned further below in reply No. 124)

    By Jameson

  34. I live in South California. Where can I find paw paw leaves?

    By Anne

  35. For those who have problems with bowel movement, try this — Eat half a medium-sized papaya at breakfast. It acts as a natural laxative and will ease constipation. Works like a charm!!

    By Parenting Tips

  36. Papaw is one of the most tasty fruits in the fruit world. It contains a lot of vitamin A and it’s very tasty too. So i hope every body enjoys this fruit while eating it.

    By The papaw is the most tasty fruits among all.

  37. paw paw is a fantastic fruit, and it may interest you to know that the whole tree is useful, the fruit, the leaves, the roots have help in the cure of MALARIA. i was down with malaria some years back and all my mum did she treated me with just the pawpaw base from the whole tree. i ate the fruit, bath with the leaves boiled in water and drank the juice of the roots cooked with stout.


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  39. The papaw fruit or the sweet red papaya version are perfect also for an oral hygiene. Eating a small quantity of paw paw or papaya fruit daily improves your gums and teeth health quality, it also prevents teeth and gum diseases. There is of course not an age limit for every person to practice the best dental habits instead just going for a dentist visit.

    By Dentist in Argentina

  40. Concerning those who have an eye problem or wears a glasses with lense, when ‘they’ eat pawpaw for six months and above would that problem be solved, can u confirm or an advice?

    Thanks though for the insight.

    By kojo

  41. Pam Rasmussen
    Can you please send the recipe for the healing paw paw tea of your great grandfather, sounds like something everyone should be drinking!! Thank you so much

    By Gloria Wozniuk

  42. Health benefits of papaya are incredible. I am making my own juice extracting from papaya leaves and beetroot plus adding lots and lots of vitamin C appart of the vit C in my organic dietary inputs. I use the Samson brand juicer to protect the papaya benefits structure and so I fully benefit from them if that is being offered to me. Cancer – make it weakened under the papaya health benefits – are strong. I am searching for an extra information and this page is truly extremely valuable. Investing into health and insuring it prior to being ill, and mainly being healthy, is sometimes more important than life insurance throughout a healthy life enjoyed in prospetity. Thank you.

    By pawpaw and papaya health benefits

  43. I was told the pawpaw seeds can be eaten for constipation. I’ve found it works really well!!

    By Ella

  44. I have a question: Where can I puchase Australian Papaya Tree Bark Green Tea? I live in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.

    By Peter

  45. Its a great fruit and has many benefits on health.

    But I like to warn everyone:
    Papaya should never be eaten by pregnant ladies as it can result in miscarriage or several other complications..

    By Deepinder

  46. I was diagnosed with cll which is Leukemia, i went to treatment and then i read about paw paw leaf tea, I found some and started drinking the tea and also eating paw paw. i just went to the doctor recently and they could not find any sings of cancer, i still take the tea and continue to eat paw paw as part of my diet.
    I tell you it works, recomended for those that are facing problems with cancer and itp.
    but also works along with prayers and being positive. And my last recommendation for all is that have faith to be directed to the right palce to get your health.

    By julio

  47. I was amazed knowing that papaya could prevent the cataract formation. I might suggest it to the whole family. It’s very helpful! Aside from its health benefits, papaya also can be used as skin whitening.

    By baby eczema

  48. I wanted to confirm what my mother-in-law told me about the great nutritive value of paw paw. She brought me 2 big paw paws because I am breastfeeding and told me how good they were for my health. I was not very sure of all her claims so I decided to do a research on this fruit. I am glad I have confirmed my doubts and will continue to eat paw paw from this day forward.

    By Jayne Tusiime

  49. The skin of the papaya applied as a poultice to a hard to heal wound is 100% effective. I have done it and I got very good results.

    By Jennifer

  50. I would be grateful for a papaya tea recipe using dried cut up papaya leaves detailing the method that would maximize its therapeutic value for various or specific health treatments, with an indication of the how to mixing ratio with preparation and quantity needed on a daily basis for a therapeutic value. Thank you very much for your help.

    By Melanie

  51. Have used Papaya peel to treat hard to heal and infected incisions with 100% success. I applied the peel with a little bit of flesh left on it to the red/infected area and the redness was gone in about 20 minutes. Continued to heal quickly over 3 days.
    I’m eating 2-3/day now (smallish strawberry papayas) to detox organs and entire system and treat arthritis.
    best in health ~Antsuz

    By Antsuz

  52. I have just been visiting organic farmers in Uganda. The women say that they make insecticide concoctions from leaves of Papaya, Lantana camara, Tephrosia and red pepper itself. I have come to believe the effect of papain and chymopapain enzymes on insects since in my compound it is only oranges, guava trees and others that I spray aginst pests but not pawpaws. Fred

    By Papaya leaves could be having serious insecticidal properties

  53. Do you only cook/drink dried papaya leaf? Can raw one be cooked for drinking too?

    By kehinde Odunaiya

  54. Wonderful Papaya! One of my favorite fruits of all time. It really is important to understand how Whole-Food nutrition and Phytonutrition add immeasurable value to specific nutrients. For example, when you eat an orange, you get vitamin C, AND an entire complement of supportive, naturally associated compounds including in the matrix bioflavonoids which science is still trying to identify 80 years after the discovery of vitamin C! Even though you may be injesting major doses of a variety of vitamins everyday, your body still craves the naturally associated factors more than a high dose of an isolated nutrient!

    By Vital Phyto

  55. Interesting stuff – I wasn’t aware of all the health benefits. I was surprised, however, to read about the “unpleasant” taste of green papaya. The Thai have been using green papaya (and mango) in their authentic spicy salads for years. And, it’s gorgeous! The hard green fruit can be bought from Thai or oriental supermarkets (some online) and should first be peeled. It should then be shredded (or grated) and bruised (ideally in a pestle and mortar). The shredded fruit is then mixed with garlic, fresh chilli, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice and finished with a sprinkle of chopped peanuts. It goes beautifully with Thai curry, soup etc. There are plenty of recipes on the net but my fave is a Ken Hom recipe, as described above. Bon appetite!!!!

    By Neeve

  56. Hi there, I am interested in knowing about paw paws, but initially I would like to juice paw paws and wondered if the skin and seeds can be used without the taste becoming yuckky. And what fruit can it be mixedd or be beneficial with.

    Many thanks; and have a juicy day!

    New Zealand

    I have already had my first’adventure’ with the paw paws .. very good! I didn’t utilise that skin for the first time. I peeled it andjuiced alternatively with a big bunch of grapes .. very good! I thought that tomorrow I might repeat but add the juice of a nice sweet and juicy Gisborne orange. Pineapple could be used too. though I think that both paw paws and pineapple might be more easily blended rather than juiced.
    Many thanks for your suggestions.

    Added by Rado: Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for the note. Yes of course, wash them on the outside and juice also the skin all together. Seeds are bitter however personally I like the taste when seed are in it juiced as well. Also papaya leaves actually, no joking, have most enzymes for benefiting in the health sense but as I mentioned I like the taste too, same for ginger. I haven’t mixed it with anything else as yet usually only adding beetroot and carrot sometimes.

    Warm regards,

    By Jackie - on paw paw seeds and skin

  57. l’ve had a nasty virus for 3 weeks. l saw the paw-paw man Tom McArthur’s natural medicine aired on TV recently. He told of the healing properties of this papaya fruit so for the past 4 days l’ve been eating one small paw paw each day and I’m feeling a lot better, pain I had around my liver is gone, temperature flare ups less of them. l cannot wait for Toms products to be produced for us to get the opal-A from modified paw paw extract sounds wonderful actually. Regards

    By Liane Chircop

  58. Please it would help when people tell how papaya has helped and what is the recipe for different health related issues and things like leaf juice, papaya leaf tea, seeds, etc? I would appreciate the method and am sure a lot of people will benefit from your or others personal experience with healing with paw paw.

    By shabaz

  59. I used papaya peel on my groin itch and it has healed it in a week also on some wounds on my leg healing faster than normal, what a wonderful thing nature has given us. regards rod

    By papaya

  60. Does the fermented paw_paw – papaya results in the same health benefits and healthy enzymes extract in the fermenting process of that the fermented kombucha tea has? To my knowledge, excluding apart what material is being processed in the manufacturing 10 days fermentation cycle, the outcome really seems the same. If that was the case then the juice could be prepared also at home simply like the Kombucha mushroom tea elixir for similar health benefits (just watch for not growing in any mold on top by keeping the top moist, keeping all brewing equipment sterilized plus dry and follow preparation directions exactly with attention to temperature levels allowed between 80 – 85 F , 26.6 – 29.4 C ).

    By Papaya health benefits, paw paw health benefits.

  61. Very interested about the papaya product & so grateful that it can help others like myself. I have a few scars that i would like to get rid off which i know won’t cost me a fortune this time. Could i please be advised on the scars as to what cream i can use to get rid of them? I also have spider veins on my legs which i would really like to get rid off. Could someone help me please?

    By Kiri

  62. Thank God for Papaya my dad is now relieved from constipation. Before he is on bed rest, my dad normally defecates daily. For this past 2 months, he has to take medicine to soften his stool and to help him defecate. But since we started giving him Papaya fruit as part of his daily diet, he can defecate now with relaxed ease and it made his health and strength improve too. Hope people will realize how great help this soft, small tree can do to a person’s well being. Have a healthy life with papaya… Eliza on pawpaw health.

    By Papaya on Constipation

  63. Paw paw is very healthy, I have been very ill for a week plus and I was afraid to go to hospital suspecting a kind of cancer as I have been suffering of ovarian cyst for years. Since I started using pawpaw leave juice I have a great improvement. Thank god almighty for everyone who published the importance of paw paw leaf therapy and raised awareness about the paw paw health as it’s significant in the lives of some bringing them very beneficial results.
    Remain blessed.

    By IFY

  64. Nice to see so much useful information here. I would add 1 more use for papaya extracts. I have used fresh juice of papaya leaves on my father to cure dengue and malaria. The juice increase the platlets and aids in increasing immunity in very short time. Just 1 glass juice of 1 full leaf not much diluted will remove the fever.

    By abhinav

  65. Papaya leaves juice can cure dengue fever. Use big papaya leaf and pound it till fine. Squeeze out the juice and drink at least a tablespoon of it at an hourly interval for 2 to 3 times. You may add some honey to it for better taste. You can see instant improvement within hours. If you are a dengue fever victim, please try this recipe without hesitation. My family and I have contracted dengue fever before, papaya leaves juice is our life saver!

    By GL LEE

  66. Papaya is good for human consumption and papaya leaves juice cure malaria fever.

    By morak david

  67. Finally pawpaw or papaya leaf extract cancer cure is back again. Papaya is great, we are making research studies about it in school.

    By maybzzz

  68. I recently rubbed pawpaw skin on my arms nightly, which are sun damaged and I also have a basal cell carcinoma on my upper arm, the cancer became redder then disappeared!! It should be great for ones face too, I’d imagine. I have digestive and bloating problems from bad bacteria in my stomach, I am hoping for a good result if i eat Pawpaw every day when i can get it.
    Great stuff!

    By Audrey

  69. I have familial pseudo gout. Had been on anti-inflammatories from age 28. When I was in early 60’s my stomach went out on me. Could not take cream of wheat, oatmeal, milk toast, and after a week of just goat’s milk, not even goat’s milk.
    MD in Cleveland doing alternative medicine put me on papaya. A few weeks of papaya, avacado, mango…but mostly papaya and I was eating…getting back to pizza.
    Now I eat with papaya daily and feel ahh very good; had to find a gastro doctor who recommends what to eat.


    I was told that scooping the mold off the top of jelly in jars and eating jelly results in eating mold spores that went down through the jelly and were considered one of those things that weaken one to illnesses.

    By Papaya

  70. Its the whole plant that is useful. You can use the leaves if you have a toothache. Just boil the pawpaw leaves and rinse your mouth with the water you are using to boil the leaves. You can do it daily if you want.

    By Kesaia

  71. Harald W. Tietze in his booklet “Papaya The Medicine Tree” gives this recipe. Use 7 medium size papaya leaves, not too old, not too young, wash thoroughly, chop up like cabbage, put in a saucepan with two litres of water,boil until reduced to 1/2 that amount. Strain and bottle in glass bottle. Refridgerate, lasts about 3 days. Take 50ml of the paw paw herbal tea 3 times per day.

    By Paw Paw Tea

  72. Papaya is one thing, paw paw is another.
    The cure for cancer is paw paw.

    By Laura

  73. How much should you consume per day?

    For preventing and keeping up wellness, well-being in general?

    By papaya

  74. Neil Anderson can u please give me ur e mail i d , my father is ill with bladdercancer, i would like to start papaya leaf tea. i have got the TURBT DONE AND SIX DOSES OF BCG DONE . i need to ask you abt the doses and other side affects , my father is 58 and is very week . my email address … is with admin of this site.

    added by admin: Ank, I emailed to Neil and also sent him link directly to this comment for you. As soon as he replies I will contact you, and him again so you can be in touch. He made his comment (above on this page) in December 2009.

    By bladder cancer

  75. My email address is I would be happy to discuss my use of pawpaw leaf tea and other things I have done

    added by admin: Thank you very much Neil. I also emailed both of you. Rado

    By Neil Anderson bladder cancer

  76. Hello NEIL , Rado,
    thank you for your quick reply, i said earlier my dad is diagnosed with bladder cancer, he has his TURBT done, and 6 doses of BCG instillation ( injection of tb virus directly in to the bladder and then taken out by urination). Now since i have done every thing that the doctors have told me, i would like to use papaya leaf tea, i have read many articles about it.

    Papaya plant is easily available here in India. And it seems to help without a side affects.

    Could you let us know how many times is one supposed to have this tea in a day and for how long, are there any side affects. I have put my dad on a diet of home cooked food, which is not spicy a bit. (as sipcy food boost cancer cells). Fruits and vegetable that boost his immunity. Broccoli is very good for this kidda cancer. (Rado please take notice of this). All dark coloured fruits and vegetable are benefiting.
    Pear is a very strong cancer fighting agent, i have made a list of food items that benefit. I will put them here if you wish.

    Thank you very much.
    Ankit Shah bladder cancer

    By bladder cancer

  77. Paw Paw Tea,
    is the tea supposed to be diluted? with some thing or one can drink 50 ml of just papaya leaf tea all by itself?
    thank you

    By bladder cancer and Paw Paw Tea quantity - quality

  78. As it seems the health benefits of papaw are enormous to cure someone’s body of a sickness or an illness.

    By Papaw and health benefits.

  79. Does anyone have a recipe of how to make your own paw paw cream or ointment? I like the Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, but I don’t like that it has Petroleum Jelly in it.

    added by admin: Hi Diana, thanks for the note. I know you want to produce your own papaw ointment as you say. But just in case; there is one pure papaw (paw paw) ointment, plus with Calendula herb in it, that does not have petrochemicals in the cream mix at all – here: the product (Pure Nutraceuticals Paw Paw Papaya Ointment with Calendula) and the products are available in shops as well. Otherwise try to ask in health stores for a cream base product to make your own they will have a couple of different types for DIY for you, they will have a petrochemical-free formula cream base. Extracting the oil from paw paw leaves is something to work out with minimal equipment for pressing and/or slow cooking it (when dry) in the base, and sieved. After, mix it into the cream base or Aqueous cream which is non-greasy light moisturizer that provides a nice layer of oil for an ointment preparation (diy down the bottom of the page). Almond oil is often used. Check for instructions, some types need to be kept in a fridge.

    By Diana Moore

  80. Papaya seeds are edible, but what health benefits do they contain?
    If any? As I believe watermelon seeds are good for blood pressure and grape seeds are too for instance.

    By Papaya seeds

  81. Thank you for the recommendation of the Paw Paw Ointment.

    I wanted to also add, that after a large meal of rice, my stomach became very bloated and painful. I happened to have some fresh Paw Paw for dessert, and to my amazement the pain and bloating disapeared immediately. It was after that, that I remembered Paw Paw being really good for digestion.

    By Diana Moore

  82. Obviously papaya has many health benefits, but I was wondering if there is a difference between paw paw and papaya? There are different types of papaya, do they all have the same cancer curing properties? My last question is where can I find paw paw leaves? I will be very greatful to get more information about it.

    By Difference in PawPaw and Papaya

  83. I have diabetic for two years my blood sugar levels went from 124 mg/dl to 79 mg/dl and 83 that is before meals ( 2 hours after meals 150 mg/dl ) thanks to the papaya leaf tea i take 3 tsp 3 times a day i never had such good blood sugar levels before without prescribed medication i can RECOMMENDED the papaya tea to any one with DIABETES it works very fast it is awesome.

    By Lucine

  84. Is pawpaw also helpful in fertility issues? Please tell me.

    By Chibuzo

  85. I am a bit confused about the difference between Paw Paw and Papaya trees. I am currently living in Thailand in the middle of (what I think) is a papaya grove. I am dealing with cancer and need to know if I am using the correct leaves from the correct tree to make the tea. Thanks for any help/information.

    By Carolanne

  86. Papaya is really good for the skin since it is rich in vitamin A. As we all know Isotetrinoin is high in Vitamin A.

    Added: The isotretinoin /different spelling/ (or Accutane one of several brands of this medication – probably an old fashion cancer treatment now, before using it definitely educate about possible side effects) is a medication used for treating of a variety of cancers an also for a few severe skin conditions but I don’t know much about it. It will be very different to papaya. A quick simple made at home papaya compress, as a DIY, if you mean an extract from papaya in its simplest form, peel can work on the skin for example for fighting acne breakouts and other skin issues.

    By peng

  87. I am pre-diabetic and I want to know if paw paw dry leaves will help me over come this situation? I have dried paw paw leaves which I started making tea out it. Back in Africa, I understand that paw paw seeds is medicine for worms found in stomach like tape worms and others. I really appreciate the information about the paw paw. How do I use the green paw paw? Can I eat it raw with green skin? your response would be very much appreciated.

    By Zaliya

  88. There are numerous other health benefits in Fruits, Foco coconut juice, froze fresh coconuts, Coco Glace. longan, fresh tamarind pulp, Papaya leaves, jackfruit, mangosteen, acai berry, Durian, guava but only not to eat is Starfruit, it Can Be Poisonous For Kidney Patients and i also hear about durian, Is durian fruit harmful for diabetic Patient. So i wan’t warning everyone of risk of eat certain fruit.


  89. Papayas With 250 percent of the RDA of vitamin C, a papaya can help kick a cold right out of your system. The beta-carotene and vitamins C and E in papayas reduce inflammation throughout the body, lessening the effects of asthma.

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  90. I am looking for a Papaya leaf product for the multiple meningioma I have had for several years now. As I need to travel I am looking for a tablet, powder etc made from Papaya leaf. I would appreciate it if you know where I can get such a product from.

    By Papaya Leaves

  91. The papaya enzyme peel and papaya peel benefits, the enzymes extraction details, and how much of the enzyme papain is contained in fresh or dry papaya, pawpaw. More on the right papaya enzyme peel article. Papaya is an answer to human well-being and good health, article on

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  92. Mrs. Green’s previous article on: Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well-Being and Health.

    Pingback Fish oil benefits. Omega-3 supplement from fish oil.

  93. There’s this guy named Tom McArthur. He is about to release his product this May of 2011. For skin mainly I think … Soap/creme. He was on the papaya research for 50 years. That is all I heard. Might be worth to check it out.


    By Frank

  94. I am confirming that pawpaw peel is used to heal wounds. After I read all the comments on this site, I went to school and met my friend who was having wound on her lips. I advised her to cut paw paw peel and place it on the wound. She did that for 2 days and the wound disappeared. It was like a magic cure!

    By chiugo

  95. […] världens godaste parasitdödarsmoothie, gjord på mango, yoghurt (eller skippa om du är raw) och papayafrön. Börja morgonen med en promenad i naturen för att få igång blodflödet. Unna dig en massage. […]

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  96. Please can I get pawpaw treatment for Prostate cancer ?

    By prostate cancer

  97. Thank you for the information on paw paw. It is very useful. I will always enjoy the magic tree. May you please advise if paw paw can cure impotence among men. You know when men are egging loss libido, can paw paw be there useful? If so what are you supposed to use? Roots of pawpaw or fruits and how?

    By How can paw paw be used to cure impotence?

  98. I am seeking help for my Dad who grows Squamous cell carcinomas on his legs quicker than the surgeon can remove them. He is 88 and the quality of his skin is extremely poor and he is a naturally slender person, making the frequent grafts he needs increasing in difficulty. We are all a bit desperate, and he is very positive about trying natural remedies. I saw a TV interview last year about a man in Queensland who was having success with leg ulcers using fruit poultices, any other information would be gratefully received.

    added by admin: Hi Jan,
    You could use “Black Salve” treatment, many people use it to cure truly bad cancers including Melanoma and some other cancers. You can order movie on DVD first with all the info in if you would like to learn about this treatment first, or, some Naturopaths also sell this same DVD in their practice among products like books – movies. I have this disk for a while; if you cannot find it or if you want it ASAP or even now, you are welcome to come up to pick it up. But I am in Qld., if you had someone reliable in Brisbane who would collect it for you just let me know and we can organize the time to meet. And the actual “Black salve” in jar you can order, for a time being there is a unique way for ordering it. Then store the rest in refrigerator for months. The DVD also described how to make this black salve treatment at home, although you would still need to look for needed ingredients. About black salve application – it’s what you need to pull the cell carcinomas out from the body. And also extra info about skin cancer salve that is safe and effective. And, if you learn about it more, there aren’t side-effects from using this cancer treatment.

    By Skin Cancer

  99. I have been having severe bowel blockage for a few months and a friend from Mexico told me about papaya. In the matter of one day I started to get some relief, I am a different woman now. I am having “perfect poops” lol, and I am eating fresh papaya slices with every meal. I could cry about the torture I put my body through with numerous over the counter products. Again I love papaya more than you can imagine, truly it is the best digestive aid around for us middle agers.

    By I Love Papaya!

  100. For years i learned that paw paw is a cleansing fruit. My grandmother suffered with stomach ulcers for years, she used to vomit everything she ate, the stomach pains were unbearable. But not anymore thanks to whatever healing properties that has been derived from eating this amazing friut. For more than 20 years my grandmother is pain free. She died at 100 yrs of age.

    By miracle fruit

  101. My partner had a toothache for three days and tried every thing including paracetamol, toothache drops and gel … nothing worked so i went to the supermarket and bought a pawpaw … i cut a piece of the skin off with a little bit of flesh, he clenched it between his aching tooth and within 5 to 10 minuts he was completly pain free … i love pawpaw and your forum on this page gave me the idea to try this … thank you!!!

    By Miracle for toothache!!!

  102. What are the health benefits that can be derived from dried ( brown ) paw paw leaves to encourage the white blood cells production?

    By Kafui

  103. It’s really great to read these replies about papaya. Thanks to all for their contribution of knowledge: it is very helpful education. Thanks to all.

    By LANA

  104. I’m from the Caribbean where this fruit grows in abundance. I have always loved this fruit ripe. My mom used to cook it when it was green. I don’t know all the health benefits but old people swear by it, I give old people nuff respect. So you know, they know what they’re talking about.

    It helps with your digestive system and with your body absorbing protein. Papaya fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A and C or E. It also contains small amount of calcium, iron or riboflavin, thiamine and niacine. Papaya fruit is also very rich in antioxidants, many various nutrients prosperous for digestive system, flavonoids and carotene’s and is very high in vitamins C and A. Papaya is also low in calories and sodium.

    By Will

  105. My father (62) has been diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer. He has not showed any symptom till now except pain in the back which is due to bone metastases. Doctors are giving him 6-12 mths even with chemo. He also has parkinsons. Can this papaya leaf extract help him? We are desparate. Please help and reply. Also, is paw paw and papaya the same?

    By rizvan

  106. Hello Rizvan,
    Yes, pawpaw, or paw paw or papaya is the same, it is mentioned also in the main article.

    Where are you located? How quickly could you get hold of this book? We bought it in an online store. I added in here image of its cover. It should be available in a downloadable version, I hope so, via Google books or from another online book store. The book isn’t too expensive.

    COVER OF: Join Our Escape From Death Row – Cancer Jail. book by Barry Thomson

    Join Our Escape From Death Row - Cancer Jail. book by Barry Thomson

    The Join Our Escape From Death Row – Cancer Jail book has 174 pages, it is roughly in A4 format size. I believe you would be able to read and absorb all information contained in it in 2-3 days. The author researched everything in an extreme detail, it is an extremely valuable help. Proper kind of juicer is described also. Not every juicer is appropriate, it is a specific type! I’ve seen them in shops.

    In this book you will find all different approaches, which can help to improve your dad’s condition. For example a doctor’s assistance with injecting high amounts of vitamin C, Gerson’s therapy, there are also different supplements recommended to accompany the whole process. Among others bovine cartilage etc., I’d like to repeat that you will find all the research in the book. I must not forget the author also explains in detail how the daily juices are mixed, prepared, from which plants (e.g. papaya, beetroot) and how they are consumed daily. The treatment also includes getting rid of intestinal parasites. Parasites are found in 90% of all cancer sufferers.

    I truly hope that you will find the information from this book useful.


    By The paw paw article

  107. I eat it every night before I go to bed; I just love it… My grandmother used to say, eat a few of the seeds too. She was a dear wise lady and ninety four when she passed away. So here’s a toast . “” Let us have more of the yummy paw paw “”.

    By John

  108. I do experience bowel problem as a teenager even to my adult hood because I love eating too much food. Later on my digestive system created a strict rule of eating before 5pm and after then anything I eat will result into severe constipation problems. But when I accidentally ate pawpaw seed I noticed instant stomach disturbance and since that day my digestive system change for the best.

    By papaya seeds works

  109. I’ve just started using papaya leaf extract. I have been diagnosed with atypical trigeminal neuralgia and peripheal neuropathy. I have had swelling around both eyes, severe stabbing and burning around my face. I felt as if I had a dagger stuck into both of my eyes and sleep was rare. Since beginning papaya extract my swelling is reduced and I am almost pain free. I now am able to sleep for 10-12 hours a night which is wonderful. My platelets have been low which is why I began using papaya. I didn’t expect such results and am looking forward to my next blood test.

    By Kim

  110. I posted information about Tom McArthur – Paw Paw Man on my blog several months ago.
    I don’t know Tom nor am I affiliated with his products in any way.
    People have left a lot of comments and it seems that there has been a lack of communication through his own website.
    So I guess my question here is – has anybody tried his products from papaya and if so could they let the people inquiring on my site know what results they got – good or bad.
    I will also let people know about this page as there is so much great information about Paw Paw usage here.

    By Kitty Jellinek

  111. Hogwash cures cancer… succour born everyday.. what you selling anyway! You have to advice that only pharmaceutical chemo and medications prescribed by trained doctors is the only way how to help patients! Yes I think Iv seen EVER buzz word for cures of papaya, I see why your so high in google rankings. Curing cancer with papaya is a dangerous assumption, cancers are mutant cells that have there own way of growing, as they live outside the cell “tumors”, these multiply travel and block your internal functions. Papaya is not going to kill them, chemo radiation is your only true help.

    added by admin:
    There is another reply to Jim’s comment, see mention in No 155.

    By Jim Slim

  112. I used to consume paw paw without knowing its use for health benefit varieties. But now I am happy I got all the tips. I want to thank everybody for the contribution posted on this site. One thing to add is that pawpaw helps very much for easy digestion. Each time I felt constipated I consumed paw paw and it helps me alot.

    By yata eric

  113. How do i use pawpaw to cure fibroid?

    By Bernice

  114. I suffered from horrible boils/ulcers and nothing i got from the doctors worked. My cousin put me onto a woman from victoria who she had gotten some cream from for her husband ( who also has hard to heal sores ). I rang her and had some cream sent to me and it worked and i do mean it really worked. It would seem that the more natural a treatment the better response to it by my body.
    Her contact details are info at blythsskinnaturals dot com … incase anyone would like to contact her.


    By Natural cream worked for me.

  115. About 5 years ago I got optic neuritis. I lost my vision in my right eye and found that I was in poor health. I was anemic, and B12 deficient. I had the worst case of eczema on my legs that I had ever had. I knew that I had an issue with wheat, so I tried to eat gluten free. My thumb nails had started ridge. If you dont understand ridged finger nails its basically your body is robbing itself of nutrients. I tried all kinds of products but really didnt help. I tried reliv, and all kinds of multi vitamins from gnc to the expensive stuff at the local health food store. I was taking lots and lots of things. Nothing really made a difference until one day about 3 months ago the lady at the health food store asked me if I was taking enzymes. I bought the enzymes and brought them home. I was amazed the next day when I woke up to no itching. My legs within a 2 week period healed about 80% better. I was shocked, I started having more energy, my eyes didn’t feel tight and tired and I am starting to smell things again. I have more energy and I’m not in a mental fog anymore. I cut out the other vitamins and I only take the Papaya enzymes and cod liver oil tablets. I am amazed and if you are looking for a product that does work try papya enzymes.

    By Terry L

  116. […] I do not recommend supplementing the collagen in the body with animal cartilages. On health with papaya, must read this whole page on traditional oven Powerful anti-cancer foods | Health Wiki information […]

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  117. I live in Brisbane and I am looking for anyoune who can supply me with paw paw leaves to make the tea with. Can anyone help? I have ovarian cancer and need to do everything I can to beat it. Help

    By Glenda

  118. Papaya fruit contains a variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. In fact, vitamin A in papaya was more than its content in carrots, and vitamin C was higher than the oranges have. Paw paw fruit is also rich in vitamins B complex and vitamin E.

    Thanks for your information provided about papaya.

    By suryadarmadi

  119. Pawpaw or papaw and papaya are the same. In other words paw paw fruit, pawpaw fruit, papaw fruit and papaya fruit are the same fruit! One thing with different names for it, it has the same medicinal or therapeutic healing properties. It is about Carica Papaya scientific – botanical name.

    (For skeptics or those not knowing, if there were some out there, please do not confuse “Carica papaya”, the healing one, with the Eastern North American fruit tree “Asimina triloba” which is just a nice large edible fruit food to eat.)

    In traditional Chinese medicine Carica papaya has name Mugua and it is very much valued medicinal plant for its high quality medicinal healing properties in this fruit either ready to eat or still in a green state and also in leaves of the plant.

    Carica papaya = papaya = papaw = pawpaw = paw paw -> they all are equally the same plant having only different names used around the cultures on the planet for the same thing. What’s the difference between papaya fruit and pawpaw?‎ Answer is; none. What is the difference with papaya and paw paw? Do these two differ? Again; No Difference.

    By Yes pawpaw and papaya equal the same plant.

  120. An important part of the male reproductive system is prostate gland that is producing and storing the fluid. It is marginally influenced by the male hormones, especially testosterone hormone, which are released in men. The testosterone hormone is released via stimulation of adrenal glands. If you are a 50 years old male, you have a 25% chance of having at least some cancerous cells in your prostate gland and that risk grows as your age grows. That is why every male should go for a doctor’s visit for a regular prostate exams or blood check for prostate which is a wise choice for them for their health maintenance.

    Stwart Jenssen

    By Svillage Doctor

  121. Can any one give the receipe for creating the Papaya Leaf Tea for treating Lung Cancer? How to make it in the most effective way? What is the procedure to make the paw paw leaf tea most properly?

    By Papaya Leaf Tea

  122. I really apperciate the idea and the research about the papaya, the paw paw fruit, I have no words to say thanks to this website which has helped me alot in the cure to the disease of the dengue fever. I came to know about paw paw tree benifits in dengue I went out on a search on this website and found out many uses of paw paw, dengue fever reduces the platelets to such a level that even causes death. The only cure is to crush and drink the juice of the leaf of paw paw fruit, but the many symptoms of dengue among which is the severe pain nausea and the soreness of the mouth, means to say the sore taste of the mouth I came to know the advantages of papaya fruit which cures all these ailments during the fever without any side effects. I would just like to say thanks and wish a better luck to the research team and the site publishers which are helping the people by telling them about these cures from the right natural products like paw paw fruit. This fruit is the blessing of Allah almighty and i would suggest the other people specially suffering from dengue to use this fruit and its leaf. It will surely add some good to our ailment, thanks.

    hannan pakistan

    By hannan

  123. […] is almost completely digested and absorbed by the body. This is due to the enzyme papain in papaya fruit which is able to digest the substance as much as 35 times larger than its size alone. The […]

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  124. Like every fruit papaya is benificial for health. Research on use of papaya in treatment of dengue fever is still awaited. It is one superb medical tree however.

    By dr. Naqeeb

  125. Can you give me the receipe for making the Papaya Leaf Tea for treating Lung Cancer. How to make a papaya leaf tea?

    By papya leaf tea

  126. @Pam Rasmussen
    My mother is having stomach cancer and is to under go chemo therapy soon. Can you please share the reciepe for papaya tea ? I’d like to get her started on alternative methods at the earliest. Thank you so much.

    By Papaya tea for stomach cancer

  127. […] his platelets increase, I decided to look for alternative medicines. Luckily, a relative suggested papaya leaf extracts. Then I remembered herbalife’s nutritional shake mix. Without hesitations, I opted […]

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  128. Blood platelet rise after papaya leaf extract treatment. I’d like to share the fact that my platelets went from a low of 11 (11,000) to 126 (126,0000) after taking papaya leaf extract for just a few months. All the steroids and chemo treatments failed to make a difference and the next step was to have my spleen removed. Luckily I tried the papaya extract and it has worked beautifully without any side effects – except positive ones – my digestion is much better and I no longer have to take medication for acid reflux.

    By Alice Kearney

  129. In the Bahamas people juice the leaves of the Papaya tree to fight off the effects of Dengue Fever. After 2 days of the juice the fever, bad feelings should be gone.

    By Virginia Damianos

  130. I just bought a green papaya by mistake thinking it was regular papaya at a local market, then I had to find a recipe for how to use it. Was pleased to find a great thai salad recipe another poster mentioned above. So glad to know the unripe papaya has so many more health benefits, especially as I suffer from digestive problems! The great part of the salad is you pound the flesh to get the juice out, which activates the enzymes and makes it even more beneficial. I just used a vegetable peeler to shred the flesh into a bowl and used the bottom of a ceramic mug to pound the flesh in the bowl (instead of a mortar and pestle). Here is a great green papaya fruits cooking recipe, which can be substituted with other ingredients to be vegan / vegetarian. It even contains lime juice which helps absorption of the beneficial vitamins from green papaya flesh.

    Formula Link:
    cooking with green papaya.

    Good health to you all and good luck in your search for natural health solutions!!

    By itsange

  131. I don’t like to eat papaya. It’s not tasty at all. But i believe that it’s healthy to our body. Anyway, i am not interested in eating papaya.
    Does anyone like to eat papaya?

    By leena

  132. I would like to know if paw paw seeds are really used to to assist in removing body fats. Paw Paw seeds are very bitter in taste. Interesting.

    By PawPaw Seeds

  133. This is one page packed with information for this wonderful fruit, thank you. A few years ago I received information about the wonderful benefits of papaya leaf tea for dengue fever (for which otherwise there is no known cure). I pooh-poohed the idea but some people have testified to its benefits so I looked at it again seriously. I am amused AARahim’s remark (comment 29) about papaya leaf tea and Tongkat Ali, a plant that Malaysia is famous for. The latter, a man’s remedy (you know what I mean), is very popular in Malaysia where it is now a popular addition to coffee. I suppose there’s sound reason for AARahim’s words of caution as the practise for folk remedies in Malaysia is never to mix your medicines. In the West it is now well known that grape fruit juice should not be taken with your medication for its adverse effects. As for durian, Malaysia’s dream fruit with its nightmarish odour, it is not widely known as a remedy for anything. It is a fruit that once grew wild on tall trees in the tropical jungles and is much prized for its rich, creamy, custardy flavor. Many caution against over-indulging in the fruit as it causes wind, has ‘heaty’ qualities, and it should never be taken with alcohol. And ah, there’s a saying in Malaysia, “When durians fall, sarongs rise”! I am much amused too by Jameson’s comments (No.32) on AARahim’s fishing remark about ‘bartering’ dried papaya leaves for ‘olives in salt water’. I think Mr Jameson got absolutely the wrong end of the stick and, by the way, can anyone explain to me the meaning of his cryptic remarks? Thank you for this page on papaya – which in Malaysia is also known as ‘betek’. It is the same fruit as the pawpaw.

    By Betek, Papaya or PawPaw

  134. I was diagnosed with dengue fever, my body temperature was rising so it was when I came across paw paw. You beleive it after sequeezing the juice from three paw paw leaves for three days, the fever left. I have been recommending it to people who have problems with sleeping patterns and the plant has been working wonders. Thank God for such a tree.

    By Taylor

  135. I am undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. I have been applying pawpaw cream to relieve the redness and itching. My skin is VERY red, but because of the cream it is doing very well with no blisters or breaks. Pawpaw is the standard treatment at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital for breast cancer radiation patients whose skin has broken down.

    Also the ‘Tom’ mentioned above is Tom McArthur who has started a company whose product is the subject of a clinical trial for treatment of hard-to-heal wounds at a Melbourne hospital. You can read about it here at this link [ling outdated]

    added by admin: Thank you for posting the link to Phoenix Eagle Company, for getting the information about the new clinical trials for treatment of hard-to-heal wounds at the hospital. I hope you are doing well! There will be new publications in PubMed in this regards I am sure.

    By Gadgetmumma

  136. I am glad to see this article about papaya fruit leaves, very beneficial. I have heard about papaya’s benefits before, and will start to use it on daily bases. Thanks for this valuable information and also to those who posted their already existing experiences with pawpaw.

    By Shaneen

  137. Does paw paw seed help or contribute in a way in reducing belly stomach area fat?

    By Pawpaw seeds and fat

  138. I hope my previous email was sent to your address as the page disappeared. However, very briefly, I had melanoma cancer on my neck, both lungs and liver and was given up to six months to live! A herbalist I know uses carica papaya in the recipe and after taking this drink I perspired so much as to saturate by bedclothes and bedding for three consecuitive nights and I had diaorrhea (sp?) for three days and nights!
    I also used a little-known alternative treatment with Bicarbonate of Soda and Molasses (assisting to win with nutritional therapy). Two CT scans showed that I now have no melanoma cancer anywhere in my body!
    Best Regards,

    added by admin: Hello Frank, thank you, excellent news about your health! When did you email? Or was it a text you intended to publish in here? If it happens, press back button to save your input. Can you resend it please?

    By Frank Burdett

  139. We have many papaya in our backyard, i even share them to my neighbhors who cook it into different recipes including papaya pickles until i found out it can cure allergies. Actually, I just couldn’t appreciate the taste but when I got surgical operation, I suffered from skin allergy as the effect of antibiotics / anti – inflammatory medicines. I tried eating eat fresh and organic. I hope and I believe that it helped me to ease my allergy. Try it too.

    By PAPAYA BENEFITS in allergies

  140. During pregnancy i was addicted to Paw Paw, couldn’t get enough of it! My cousin told me papaya could be harmful in such high amounts, however i brushed her off. We were told today that our son who is 9 now, is a gifted and talented child, with an impressively high IQ. I wonder if it had anything to do with the Paw Paw?

    By H

  141. Can papaya or papaya root cure myoma? Thank you WKL

    By myoma

  142. I have a large haemangioma of liver and I am going to try this paw paw tea as the treatment for haemangioma on liver. I have got a paw paw tree growing in my backyard, I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad.

    By Cherry

  143. I’ve found papaya seeds very beneficial for helping with protein digestion. The seeds are a good source of papain and other proteolytic enzymes, even when the fruit has ripened and no longer contains that much of proteinase from green papaya and papaya leafs, a cysteine protease EC enzyme present in papaya (Carica papaya), or none of it at all. They are a little spicy and bitter almost burning on taste budsaste buds receptors but you can just chew them up quickly and swallow them down. I usually only take around a teaspoon though as they feel quite powerful. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has taken significantly more, perhaps as a parasite treatment, and whether you had any negative effects from such a large dose. Thanks.

    By Jim

  144. […] a relative suggested papaya leaf extracts that by experienced has helped her daughter gain platelets count and was never confined […]

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  145. […] Papaya’s Health Benefits and Papaya in current Medicine, cancer and other diseases. […]

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  146. Recently my cousin had an accident and she had blood clot in black color around her knee due to the hit. Her naturopathist told her to grind papaya leaves (papaya/pawpaw as described on this page (NOT the other tree that grows in N. America which is incidentally also called pawpaw)) and tie it around the black color area for two hours. Repeat 2-3 times a day for 3 consecutive days and you wont believe, the black blood easily diluted and spread and it’s gone.

    By Laly

  147. I got scared reading your webpage. You are accidentally misleading people. Papaya and paw paw are two different fruits. I read one person asking about the seeds of paw paw are POISONOUS, as well as the leaves. Not so those of the papaya. The seeds I used to own a fruit and vegetables business since I was 14 years old and planted some trees too. The picture that you showed here for paw paw is that of a papaya. The two fruits are not even related and when you cut both in half, the papaya flesh is orange with around and small seeds (like 3/16″), while the paw paw has white flesh with big, black seeds. The papaya fruit grows only from the trunk from female seeds extracted from the middle of the fruit, while the paw paw grows from the branches. Could you please make the correction so school children doing research do no get the wrong information and adults do not poison their children?

    added by admin: Please note below; about the paw paw / papaya plant which this entire page is about. It is the widely cultivated papaya (or paw paw or papaw or pawpaw), a tropical fruit plant, can grow also tall like a tree. In other words; in many cultures papaya is also called and regarded to as papaw, or paw paw, or pawpaw (different names for the same Carica papaya version). It produces these fruits that have reddish (the red is more aromatic and a bit more sweeter) or yellowish flesh varieties, its botanical name is Carica papaya – of the plants’ family Caricaceae to be precise. There are female and male plants where only the female plants produce this delicious fruit.

    On the other hand, the pawpaw type you’ve mentioned (not “paw paw”), that is completely different sort and of course has no place here regarding medical or remedial aspects. The pawpaw that you wrote about is North American plant genus Asimina, Asimina triloba, which is completely unrelated to the widely used ‘tropical pawpaw/papaya’, this one you can eat without any problems plus its seeds are edible as well. If the seeds were not so very bitter in taste, I guess, also kids could happily eat them, otherwise why not?

    Please let us know whether you need more information on these two different pawpaw plants. Thank you.

    By Martin

  148. […] Feet getting swollen and diabetes diagnoses. Is there a cure for these diseases causing great discomfort? – part 3 | Being healthy … days long curing (3 to 4 times), eating fresh pommegranates with seeds help regulate the blood. Also papayas with seeds are excellent remedy and most importantly developing the sense of how blessed you are and to appreciate my healthy life […]

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  149. Does boililng a green pawpaw, the taking the juice reduce belly fat?

    By milly

  150. In Malaysia, when dengue is prevalent … papaya leaves boiled in water is used to aid recovery … can reduce mild fevers too.

    The unripe Green Papaya with chinese herbs boiled with Spare Ribs into a soup or clear broth is used to relief rheumatism and arthritic pains.

    By bbkph

  151. It was great to read such great posts …. I have just started taking Green Papaya Fruit Powder Carica papaya and Paw Paw (Papaya) powder and make it up just like a cup of tea. Tastes quite nice to. I have so much going on in my body and have been feeling so unwell and doctors not sure whats causing the pain. Since I started this tea, I am feeling heaps better. I wanted to buy some paw paws but have not been able to find any, so decided to get the dried herbs. Is it not the time of year to have them in the shops? The green papaya powder which is really high in papain enzyme has great healing properties, more so than the orange ones, so I hear, it is pretty hard to get but managed to find both from a supplier in Melbourne. With what I have read from all your posts, I look forward to feeling all better!

    By Paw Paw (Papaya) Leaf & Green Papaya Fruit Powder (Carica papaya)

  152. […] The papaya have been known for generations, but they are now just gaining back some attention. Some of the healing properties papayas provide are: Increased quality of proteins in whole human body system … Papaya Leaf Extract is a Powerful Health Booster | Natural Society […]

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  153. Hi friends,

    Great to hear about the benefits of papaya on the aspects of health from all of you. I just want to share some very useful information especially for those who are interesting in producing healthy food. The papaya leaves can also be prepared or used as natural insecticide liquid known as amino acid and on the other hand the prepared liquid can also be used as nutrient for the plant (nitrogen). For further information please do contact with agronomy specialist as I am not. But I am very confident in using the papaya leave liquid for food production as it does not impact both human health and our lovely environment.

    In fact certain cultures can preserve their meats by wrapping it into papaya leaves.

    Best wishes,


    By Lawrence Mai

  154. Each 100 mg papaya how much papain enzyme?

    By dr. ateeq

  155. I’m from the Philippines. I’m allergic to most medicines so I formulated my own concoction leading me to a homemade papaya leaf-pineapple & ginger extracts powdered drink, which at an early stage appears to work wonders in some ailments such as arthritis, headaches, gastro problems, etc. & result of my recent blood tests show most aspects going down to normal such as my SGPT. Even my TSH level going down. Tests of the product is still underway though & too early to tell the long term effect. Though I was operated from an early stage of uterine cancer, I can’t say at this stage if the drink will have any effect on cancer cells.

    By pawpaw instant herbal drink

  156. SGPT is a liver test, while TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone which test is done for those suffering from hypothyroidism? My recent blood tests for those two types showed, they were tremendously reduced after taking my papaya-pineapple-ginger extracts powder drink.

    By pawpaw instant herbal drink

  157. I have issues with constipation at times depending on what I consume some products or even stress I find might aggravate it and especially when I am low on my water consumption. I find that Papaya (paw paw) fixes the problem in no time. I’m addicted. I am now pursuing the cancer qualities as my friend is in the hospital as we speak with a tumor in her stomach and many other side effects from chemotherapy and radiation (the doctor told her that he never expected the chemo to have such a bad effect on her and would you believe he asked her if she wanted another round is he smart or what?) I told her to tell him NO! Now that I know it is safe I am going to work with the tea and the fruit, will tell you the result. Have also pushed her to take her B12 for energy and improve her red blood cells when blood count was really low. There was another woman with stomach ulcer screaming in another bed whom I told to eat papaya (even before I read information) and she greeted me in the hospital lobby grinning and said she was feeling better after including the paw paw in her diet. The Lord has been impressing on me to try paw paw with my friend but I hesitated until I researched and found more information, now I’m going gungho with the remedy. Thanks for spending timne to share. God bless!

    By Charmaine

  158. […] enzymes but they are now just gaining back some attention. Some of the healing properties papayas provide are: Prevention and treatment of cancer and allergic disorders. Increased quality of proteins in whole human body […]

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  159. Papaya is very delicious fruit in my country. And when I search about the medicinal values of Papaya, it is amaizing to see that what a great tree is it.

    By Vimali

  160. […] The beneficial properties surrounding papaya have been known for generations, but they are now just gaining back some attention. Some of the healing properties papayas provide are:
    Preventions and treatments of cancers and allergic disorders.
    Increased quality of proteins in the whole human organism.
    Revitalization of the person’s body and maintaining energies and vitality’s.
    Encouraged renewal of muscle tissues.
    Supporting the cardiovascular system.
    Strengthening the immune system.
    Help with the digestive system by breaking down proteins plus supporting production of the important digestive enzymes.
    Treatments of skin wounds that do not heal quickly.
    Prevention of cataract formation.
    Lowering risks of emphysema in smokers and passive smokers thanks to high vitamin D content.
    Alleviating inflammations.
    Help with nausea and constipation.
    Fighting various cancers plus aiding to the cardiovascular & gastrointestinal systems. […]

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  161. […] The beneficial properties surrounding papaya have been known for generations, but they are now just gaining back some attention. ” Papaya Leaf Extract is a Powerful Cancer Fighter ” in a Natural Society. Some of the healing properties papayas provide are: […]

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  162. […] Papaya Leaf Extract is a Powerful Cancer Fighter […]

    Pingback Chris Roubis

  163. I have a large haemangioma of liver and I am going to try this paw paw tea as the treatment for haemangioma on liver.

    By CPR classes in Dallas

  164. You might find it difficult what I’m about to tell you about papaya, I call it “tree of life” I assisted 4 women who had never been pregnant before with it and this is what I did, I crushed the leaves (green leaves), mix with pure lemon juice (I will not be able to reveal how many lemon fruits actually) I left fermented for 9 days while praying with certain psalms on it in a 4 litre container. they drank before breakfast and after supper for a month, they all had boy children. You can e-mail me for the prayers I did if you are a christian:

    By Dillon-Emmanuel

  165. […] Papaya medicine and health benefits caused by Papaya in Medicine, cancer and other treatments. Medical and general health benefits of papaya not only treatments for cancer and gastronomic problems treating. […]

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  166. […] when I find an organic healthy source but these will do for now. The health benefits of papaya are plentiful and so are the benefits of beets – beetroots! I have also added carrot to this juice before and it could be barely tasted, talk about packing a […]

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  167. […] Eating Healthy Vegetables and Fruits – Papaya Fruit for Health Facts and Healing Diseases Information plus much more. […]

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  168. There is an organic farm in Cijeruk-Indonesia producing papaya. Many people are now looking for healthy organic food to prevent sickness, and reduce chemicals and certain pharma drugs consumption. You can see a small papaya tree of 8 months old producing big fat papayas in below address, on the third photo from the top (the first to images on the top of the page show red guava fruits)

    By Maruza

  169. It is very informative, papaya leaf – leaves, I am surprised juicing papaya had so many healing properties for the human body.

    By Michael Chan

  170. Hi everyone, My father makes the pawpaw drink very often, and have being drinking it for over three years because he had a liver problem. He has now stopped taking his medicine resulting from drinking pawpaw and is much healthier. He has grown rows of pawpaw trees outside and a lot of relatives have come and asked him to make them some papayan teas. I was just wondering if you guys would actually buy these liquids from paw paw if he were to sell them and its true that it does stink and taste disgusting but on the other hand who cares because it is all for your health. If interested contact me by replying here.

    By Tonga

  171. I need to know where in South Africa , western cape I can source the papaya leaf juice or extract urgently . We want to use it for a cancer patient with very low blood platelets . Urgent response will be appreciated .
    Thanks Lydia 083 64 797 66 021 558 4286

    By papaya leaf juice or extract

  172. Reading the papaya article was an eye opener for me, I absolutely had no idea that Paw Paw was so good for us health-wise. I live in the Caribbean ( Trinidad ) and we have this fruit really in abundance. I must include this special fruit into my daily diet as well as spread these positive news about Paw Paw and how beneficial it can be even for curing various diseases.

    By beverly hart

  173. We just love eating the papaya fruit, if you can find a fruit better eat it than to drink those teas and stuff. One way to eat papaya is to add a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of squeezed calamansi (Calamansi or Calamondin – scientific named Citrus microcarpa) juice over it, even simple lemon or line fruit juice. Best served when cold. It’s a fresh and yummy dessert which I admit is good for all those who want to lose some pounds of their body weight or just want something refreshing.

    By jake

  174. This has reference to comments No.136 and 105. There are Male and female papaya plants and male plants do produce fruits. Male papayas are very rare. Male Fruits are small in size and very round like a medium size ball. Fruits are grown not on the main branch but on tangles. And you see flowers on this tangles. Male plants are more beautiful.

    By jose

  175. This has reference to comment No.105. For many diseases there are no treatment in Allopathy or Modern medicine. For low platelets in blood there is no treatment in modern medicine. But if you take papaya leaf juice you can inmprove the platelets count within days. Any kind of liver complaints like chronic jaundice can be very easily treated in Indian system of medicine. Papaya leaf extract and papaya can boost your immunity and can cure cancer. There are several testimonials are in this site. They are not selling any medicine. They are just sharing their experiences. You can even cure AIDS by boosting your immunity with papya supplements.

    By jose

  176. Thank you for this website, the information brought back many memories from my childhood eg. when my nana was grating and slicing then cooking or packing this wonderful easy to grow papaya fruit.

    It is I believe our responsability to spread any info we may incur about the wonderful paw paw fruits freely given to us just like a miraculous tool used in healing. To help even more, buy a paw paw tree today for someone!

    Papaya helps a lot in; fab for gout, as a poultice drink tea (heated and medicated to digest or wiped on the skin for treatments of inflamed, aching or painful health issues), daily hair washing. In culinary just grate papaja into curries, is has perfect taste and it is also very easy on digestion. Eat papaya also green! I have used it in my massage bussiness for over 30 years in fact that is applied in so many different ways – and still, after reading in this page, I wasn’t aware of all the health benefits papaya has. I was surprised, however, to read about the “unpleasant” taste of green papaya. The Thai we have been using green papaya (and mango) in our authentic spicy salads for generations and centuries. And the taste to us is simply gorgeous! The hard green fruit can be bought from Thai or oriental stores (some online) and should first be peeled, the specific taste is in the skin, however the main health benefit is absorbed within papaya skin and its leaves. It should then be shredded (or grated) and bruised (ideally with a natural stone pestle and mortar). The shredded fruit is then mixed with garlic, fresh chilli, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice and finished with a sprinkle of chopped peanuts. It goes beautifully with Thai curries, soup etc. There are plenty of recipes on the net but my fave is a Ken Hom recipe, as described above. Bon appetite!

    Starting my web page soon, keep in contact, and pray for us please! Thank you GOD. Please send any ideas, or would like any, write to me Lindy, at, any hints ect. so we can send your story to others. Bless you all of you who read this.

    By chris and lindy

  177. Hello women, ladies out there. I heard papaya helps in the monthly peroids also. If your period is being late then the expected date, try it & update lets be surprised how it truly works.

    By A girl from Nepal

  178. I have successfully used organic papaya leaves to increase my platelet count. I purchased mine papaya online, from an online company called “Herbal Papaya” . I have also heard papaya is used in African countries by pregnant women for making birth labor easier. Does anyone know that or has more information about this?

    By P. T. from Florida - Papaya for Platelet

  179. All written texts in here are TRUE! We have two papaya trees in our front-yard, we ate papaya everyday and I do varieties of preparations in order to make a twist in the presentation of the fruit and in diet varieties. We prefer and enjoy it because you don’t need to add in any sugar e.g. if in making healthy papaya shake. Papaya fruit helps me as my medication and it is very accessible to us especially if you own a tree or two because it always bears a fruit unlike other plants that still need to be fertilized in order to make a better harvest. To all of the readers we should eat healthy and of course with the sense of minimum spending of money. (P.S. : i name my F B account as shang papaya because i love papaya) :)

    By shangpapaya

  180. SIVAKUMAR, from Mumbai.

    I was suffering from Dengue fever and the WBC and Platlets of my Blood have come down substantially. The doctor along with his medicines advised me to take plenty of Papaya Fruit. I consumed papaya daily and due to which the counts of WBC and Platlets in my Blood increased. Papaya positively improves increases the immune system function.


  181. Is there anything a papaya cannot do? Oh papaya, I am so glad you exist! Besides your gorgeous colors – from greens to yellows to bright orange to shiny black seeds and phenomenal taste … healthy matters go so far as to help improve skin, digestion, menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, fight parasites and oh so much more…Here’s a link to more info about papaya and of course papaya healing benefits related from its consumption and its leaf enzymes papayan.

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  182. It is obvious that papaya provides numerous health benefits from the medical perspective also, but how to put papaya in a wound????

    By magaly

  183. Daily papaya leafs as tea fix liver problems. For example the tea lowers elevated liver enzymes.

    By Hansel

  184. […] Papaya leaf extract in healing Dengue fever and complications! « MOM AT WORK Luckily, a relative suggested papaya leaf extracts that by experience has helped her daughter gain platelets count and was never confined to the hospital.[…]

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  185. Making papaya tea: Put one whole papaya leaf cut like a salad in a pan. Make sure that the leave is washed before. After quick washing soak the leaf in regular but filtered water to remove excess potassium content from the leaf. Put the papaya leaf cut like a salad in a pan, then pour 1 litre of drinking filtered water in the pan. Let it boill without lid on it. Let it boil till the water is reduced to one half, 500ml of the original 1L volume. Now drain the water into a GLASS containers. This liquid can be stored for up to three days in a properly working fridge. How to take papaya leaf tea? – 50 ml morning and 50 ml evening. This papaya tea can be heated like a regular tea before consuming. Do not consume this tea if on antibiotics. If you take other medicine, if you are uncertain, please consult your health practitioner or your health doctor first whether you can drink it. The papaya tea tastes quite bitter. That is how you will know you are having the right stuff.

    By Papaya leaf tea receipe

  186. good information on papaya

    By healthy foods

  187. Is the papaya treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome (raeb 2) in which bone marrow not functioning, and making red blood cells, any good or beneficial in an extend?

    By shehzad mahmood

  188. I have had the opportunity of tasting the Papaya only once in my life. As always I was tempted to take home with me the remains of the fruit.

    The following morning I planted the black pepper corn-like seeds in compost in the same Papaya skin. I closed it tight in a plastic bag so that it would breath its own condensation and water itself through it.

    Today, after a year, I am proud to say that I have five 1 foot tall young papaya plants. I do not know what will follow. So far so good, yet, I feel very proud and happy that I managed to survive a tropical fruit in Malta.

    They now stand in a large pot in a shady spot away from direct sunshine. Now we see!

    By Veronica Debono

  189. All these discoveries about Carica Papaya are awesome for health! But, I still learnt there are both male and female pawpaw plants in the same variety? Which one should I use its leafs from to prepare the pawpaw herbal tea; the male or the female pawpaws? Please, let somebody answer this.

    By Amos Davies

  190. I really thank everybody for their priceless contribution on all the health benefits of pawpaw- papaya may God bless you amen. I actually have got a wound within my kneel area for several years. Initially at the begining it used to go away an then come back again. I already had done a comprehensive blood test plus other various, different types of tests on the wound, telling me it is either a virus and others say it is the osteoporosis problem comming. Can papaya – pawpaw help me to treat my weird wound on my knee? How would I apply papaya on my body or internally?

    By Des

  191. What do we actually eat, the green raw papaya or the ripe yellow papaya? Or both can be eaten?
    When it is mentioned to eat papaya fruit for health benefit like cancer, do we have to eat green raw papaya or only the ripe fruit?

    added by admin:
    Ripe papaya fruit is not only sweet, but also healthy, good for your health. There are many recipes for cooking with still green papaya fruits. The article is about using papaya leafs and getting the enzyme from these leafs. Not as much the fruits.

    By Variav

  192. […] I usually start with The World’s Healthiest Foods and then continue from there. I came across an article on a site that does not usually post health information. What impressed me was that she had 169 responses […]

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  193. I have been Healing almost all disease, leaf tea is the best and papaya seed crushed and mixed with water.

    Why does Papain from the Papaya Heal almost all disease because it is an Atom Splitting Enzyme and Loves to devour Proteins almost all disease is Protein based or protein related. I discovered what the Papain Enzyme could do in 1983 when I had Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever at the same time.

    I believe the Papaya is a Tree of life, or maybe it is the Tree of Life, I shall explain. In Revelation it says that the Tree of Life will fruit every month the same as the Papaya, then it says that the leaves of this Tree of Life are going to heal the Nations. The Papaya leaf is the best healing agent known to man. We have been proving this since 1983.I have many stories about Healing with the Papaya Tree, The Tree of Life. Thank you.

    A New Era is here True Perfect Health and regeneration of the Body with the Papain Enzyme from the Carica Papaya the Tree of life. The two main remedies We use is the Leaf tea and the seed drink.

    Take some young leaf the size of your two hands, chop it up into small pieces place in half a litre of hot water and boil for ten minutes then strain leaf from tea let it cool then drink.

    Eat an 1/8 of a fruit take the seed from the fruit at least a desert spoon or more. Place seed in beaker with a small cup of water and use a barmix and break up the seed into pulp for about a minute, then strain seed husk from drink with a finr siv then drink slowly at first. Use both tea and seed drink fresh as it does not keep its strength.

    These two remedies are a natural way of taking in the Enzyme papain, eat the fruit daily, Papaya is for Health Benefits.

    More to come thank you.

    By Papaya Healing

  194. From before 1900 to around 1918 almost a century ago We had a Doctor here in Brisbane Qld Australia. His name was Thomas Lucas. This Doctor somehow through His research discovered the Power of this Tree of Life the Papaya the Pawpaw. For almost thirty years He used this tree against all disease and ailments with great success. I would now like to tell you about some of his Healing Phenomena. He Healed Hydatids and all Parasites and Tuberculosis some thing they still cant completely Heal today. He Healed many cases of cancer during his time as a Doctor. In His books that He wrote about His work there are pages of stories about Him Healing Breast Cancer, all with the Papaya. If He could do it then We can do it again today, We only have to try.
    He Healed Bowel problems, cases of chronic Piles, blood poisoning and swollen body parts. He Healed server burns and ulcers and veracious veins. He used this Plant against tonsillitis and diphtheria. In His books He talks about cureing Cancer of the stomach, ulcers of the stomach, peritonitis, gout and rheumatism. All fevers all vomiting and diarrhea within hours. He Healed tumors of the scalp and tumors of the neck. All spinal paralysis that entered his care were Healed and in a short time. During the Spanish Flu epidemic that flooded the Earth including Australia almost a century ago the Doctor had in His care two hundred people with this Virus.He lost two out of those two hundred a loss of one percent. The other Doctors and Hospitals lost ninety percent of their Patients, not so with Doctor Lucas all Healed with the Papaya the Pawpaw truly amazing. We can do it again if ever there is a viral epidemic that hits us.
    Written by Robert Clark
    for more information contact me at
    Unit 4/8 Batchelor Rd
    Gympie 4570 Qld

    By Papaya Healing - PapayaHealthBenifits

  195. I am planning to eat papaya for breakfast as a prelude to becoming a raw fooder. I will like to know whether i must take papaya along with skin or should i remove the skin.

    By Amudhan

  196. When the papaya skin looks clean, healthy and undamaged, I don’t eat it as such, but often so I send it through our juicer and drink the liquid from the skin. Our juicer preserves the valuable enzymes in the final juice. I still properly wash the outside of papayas of course before cutting them plus we buy only organic papayas etc. with no pesticide on fruits nor in them. Cannot hurt, skins on most fruits contains lots of good health-beneficent nutrients.

    By Rado

  197. Knowledge is wealth. In my village, paw paw trees are everywhere. They belong to nobody. Only an extreme poverty makes one eat pawpaw. We often make a joke with it saying, “pawpaw is sweet only if one has no other choice (no other food to eat) but to eat it”. But now, after reading through all the information about pawpaw, I will visit my village as pawpaw messenger to give them the good news about pawpaw. Of course some of them will say I’m insane.

    I left home a long time ago. I hope the pawpaw trees are still there. I prefer to avoid a wasted journey. My email addresse:


  198. Is it possible to test papaya extract in living organisms, such as animal like mice? I’m just a student gathering information in testing the extract. Because I don’t have any respondents to take the extract.. please..

    By Angelina

  199. […] Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health True perfect health and life to time indefinite […]

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  200. […] * Robert’s next papaya related article. Read aso comments on Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health. […]

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  201. Pawpaw has been a good fruit for me, not knowing the medicinal values. It can work for fertility problems. I planted about fifteen trees in my compound and many people in my area do come to beg for these papaya leaves or the fruit. I thank god for this page.

    By Toydave

  202. Consuming papaya can increase the breast health, I read it in my school library yesterday.

    By Dimaza Trafin

  203. Is it advisable to take pawpaw on empty stomach I need an answer please

    By Daniel

  204. Thanks for uploading, really paw paw has such a great medicinal values. Actually I am a student and due to college work I am always having stress problems and because of that I lost nearly half of my hair. So is there any use of Paw Paw for fixing hair problems? I will really appreciate such information. Thanks!

    By Amee

  205. Information about growing papaya, production and papaya usage in a kitchen.

    By a professional adviser…

    Plant papaya seeds – Keep only the female plants – they have fruit coming out of the trunk in bundles. Male plants have long stems with flowers & elongated fruits. When male plants are removed the female fruits are very mild flavored & sweeter with fewer seeds. Also, cut the tips of each tree at a reachable height to encourage growth of branches along the trunk which are so much easier to harvest than climbing a ladder to the top of a long barren trunk. Also, when frost threatens it is easier to cover a low bushy tree than a tall one. I’ve made papaya pickles & other desserts like papaya bread with nuts & jams & chopped them up in pancakes. You can use it in stuffing & gravy & fruit salad. For gravy & sauces you can blend in the skin & all – but eating it fresh is always most delectable. Only frost will stop this tree from constant production of fruit month after month.

    By Joy From

  206. I like papaya not only for its taste but also for its high in health benefits and papaya is rich in proteins or it increases immunity function. Thank you for giving such an useful info. Papaya is such a practical remedy, it’s perfect.

    By Sravya

  207. Such a very interesting website. Thanks for all the health benefits information about papaya. I will be planting more papaya trees/plants at our backyard.

    By wonne

  208. Thanks so much for your article. I would also like to add that papaya seeds are GREAT for parasites and worms in the body. Used around the world as a free and cheap parasite killer. Papaya leaf is also great for women who are pregnant. They can take a sitz bath in it from 35 weeks and up to promote a better labor. Papaya leaf increases your blood platelets also. So much to love about papaya! Put it on your skin and eat the fruit and you’ll have cleaner, younger, lighter and brighter skin. . Let me know if you need more ways that is papaya is helpful.

    added by admin :
    Hi Jessica,
    Yes please post some more ways on what is papaya helpful for. If you’d prefer write a unique article on this please let us know you can have such a page.

    By Jessica Oren

  209. Is there any benefit from eating bananas with papaya seeds, please advice me. I’m waiting for your advice.

    By banana with papaya seeds benefit

  210. I recently started eating papaya after a friend of mine told me about its magic secrets.
    I have problems with my stomach. I started eating papaya after I eat a heavy meal. The digestive enzymes helps me digest food. Now when I go to bathroom, it just feels good. I think papaya is a very good healthy fruit it fixes all things health-wise.

    By Ali

  211. Last night I made a facial mask of papaya and honey to lighten dark spots on my skin. I did not realize the health benefit of this mix combination I would get from putting it on my skin. I have Sjögren’s syndrome disease and was having a flare up. When I woke this A.M. My symptoms were drastically improved! I will keep experimenting with topical applications of this fruit!

    added by admin:
    Thank you very much for your useful information. Please post more on what you achieve, or discover! Because it’s interesting and practical. With compliments and anticipation.

    By Papaya mask

  212. Blending ripe pawpaw with little hot water and a full lemon juice freshly made, gives me great relief from the flu, or flue symptoms and cold, after drinking the mixture. Repeat as many times as possible during the day. I believe you will fine great relief after this too.

    By Evey

  213. Do you know, if papaya is also good for high blood pressure?

    By John

  214. Papaya vs. Paw Paw
    I am not sure how many people from the USA read this post, but you might want to change the notion that Paw Paw and Papaya are the same. There is a native tree (and not a tropical herb, as papaya is) that grows in the USA and it has nothing to do with Carica Papaya. Although, also in the USA sometimes use these two words interchangeably.
    Another point: majority of our papaya in the USA is imported from Hawaii – and, unfortunately, a lot of that fruit, I understand is GMO (and UNFORTUNATELY, USA does not require labeling!).

    By MarciFree

  215. A friend of mine had dengue and after taking the juice extract from the leaves he was up and about in 3 days.

    By pawpaw leaves

  216. This question is related to comment #109. Does anyone know whether papaya enzymes can be gotten from the papaya leaves also? Or would we have to eat the papaya in order to receive the enzymes?

    This is a very informative papaya page.

    By Verna

  217. We give it to our Best friend a 12 lb pom. She has I.T.P. we removed prednisone and added vitamin K and papaya leaf extract ….. The vitamin k stopped the bleeding. The papaya we use for parasites ant inflammatory etc etc. Many write ups over the www that papaya has in Fact been used for Dengue fever successfully for centuries.

    By papaya leaf extract

  218. I suffered for so long with constipation and fissures. Someone told me to eat papaya after my eve meal and guess what, I can go without any pain. Fantastic remedy I fully recommend it for all digestive problems. Eat papaya after every evening meal.

    By Nim

  219. Could I know whether papaya can cure goiter?

    By papaya and cures

  220. Papaya was used by Doctor Lucas over a century ago to heal goiter so the same can be done today. Lucas Pawpaw ointment can be applied to area of concern and Leaf tea daily or seed drink will help. Goiter has been healed with papaya a long time ago.

    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing

  221. I’m from Davao city Philippines. And we are manufacturing herbal product in liquid form made of papaya leaves. It helped many cancer patients as well as others who are suffering from kidney problems, high blood pressure, lupus, intestinal disorders, infertility, liver problems, dengue and many more, the advantage of this orally taken liquid product compared to tablet form is that, it enters directly into your circulatory system plus it is easily transported through the blood. It’s heavy metal free product because we have our technology of extracting heavy metals from the liquid. If you’re interested you can reach me at 09322651686

    By Pag-asa Herbal enzyme

  222. Excellent information. I wish every body should read it.

    I want to add that Papaya leaves crushed and juice extracted cure Dengue by increasing the platelet count magically. One or two leaves extract recovers platelet count close to normal only in one day. It is really a magic.

    Thanking you for the excellent information.

    By S S Lahiri

  223. Papaya is a very nutritious and delicious food item, and it provides ample benefits to the one who eat the same — but as it is — one must not eat too much of it in a meal but eat only just enough to have the ideal effect — too much of it may not be very beneficial — what is viewed to be an anti-cancer property of papaya may turn instead into a precursor of another health problem — eat only an amount according to your daily need mix with other food items in your diet — papaya is best eaten when it is ripe — avoid eating raw unripe papaya but you can use unripe papaya in cooking — cooking tones down its potency — or if you want to eat it raw just like in papaya salads, be sure to squeeze some of its juice just enough to lessen its enzyme content — it is also best eaten paired with meat and high protein food items — this way it aids in better digestion and absorption of the nutrients from the food you ate — avoid eating papaya on an empty stomach although you can eat it as an appetizer or dessert or eat just a small slice as a light snack especially if it is unripe.

    By Vernz

  224. You are right about the wonders of papaya. After experienceing firsthand the healing benefits of fermented papaya, or paw paw, a friend and I have begun importing this powder from Italy. It is made from the ripe fruit and tastes good as well as improving energy and wellbeing. See our website for reports and references of scientific studies.

    By Fermented Papaya

  225. May I humbly submit that the plant papaya and paw paw are entirely different trees. Scientific name of Papaya is Carica Papaya. It is not paw paw. Any how the information given are valuable and miraculous.

    By Sugathan.D

  226. Where can I buy seeds or seedlings Babako fruit (Carica pentagona)?

    By ALex_Lichi

  227. I have a split fingernail from tip to bed for quite a while now, I have tried everything I can, even increasing my Vitamin A intake, yet nothing seems to work. Up until – Recently I decided to boil the paw paw leaf to drink as my daily water supply and after two days I noticed that It this finger nail has started to close from the bed up, this is great, I no longer have the pain in my finger. I hope that there can be more research on in this concept so that other people may find a solution for their split nails.

    By Split fingernails and papaya

  228. I have H. Pylori ( helicobacter pylori ) in my stomach. I have started taking green Papaya Juice to eradicate it. But I do not know how much juice I should take. At my own I am taking 20 milliliters juice every day. Please let me know how much and how much time I should continue taking the papaya juice.

    By Gurdev Singh

  229. Hallo Gurdev it’s Robert here, I have been using the papaya leaf seed and fruit for eighteen years now and I have helped many. I have never used the Papaya the way you are using it. I have and recommended the leaf tea and the seed drink and have at least a 1/4 of a fruit a day. I suggest that you use these remedies daily and you will never be sick again. Hope this will help. regards Robert.

    By Papaya Healing

  230. This is a wonderful article on the benefits of paw paw (as we call it).
    For people claiming that the terms paw paw and papaya are not the same, I really do not know too much about from botanical perspective, but the pictures posted above on the fruit, tree and leaves are exactly so to the point. Papaya and Paw Paw, these are just two names for naming the same fruit plant, around different locations on this planet – such cases are very common for various other objects.
    I’ve been suffering from duodenal ulcer for years and one day my father discovered a fermented paw paw drink. He would thoroughly wash then chop about 2-3 unripe pawpaws (without peeling off the skin) and cover it up with water in a glass jar (including the seeds) then let it ferment for 3-5 days after which it is ready to sieve to remove any of the solid matter for consuming. I took a 1 or 2 cups of the drink 3 times a day when later all the ulcer symptoms disappeared. It helped not only with the ulcer, but also helps reduce my sometimes serious or unpleasant menstrual cramps.
    My dad is over 90 years old and yet he looks 20 years younger. Skin on is face is very smooth, I always wonder with respect. He eats a lot of this papaya, he also finely shreds the fresh leaves and adds them like that to most of his meals.
    I’m really glad to have come across all the other amazing benefits of the papaya fruit plus its leaves and the helping comments and ideas from others have been rather enlightening. Cannot wait to tell about them to my dad and hear him say “didn’t I tell you so?!”

    Please does anyone know if eating paw paw can cure pimples in the body from the inside. I begun having pimple/acne breakouts some 4 years ago. I am 34 years old who has never had pimples, at least till I was 30, but now these are a constant feature on my face and it really bothers me quite a lot and it makes me rather self conscious.

    By Ronke

  231. Hallo, I know that by partaking the Papaya Remedies the leaf tea and the seed drink and eating at least a 1/4 of a ripe fruit each day. This will give you a healthy balance in your life, this should be all you need. Give it a try for a month and see how you go. Hope this will help. The papaya, the Pawpaw, is a regenerating Herb, plant.
    Regards Robert.

    By Papaya Healing

  232. Hallo Nicole good to see you on the mend. I had Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever at the same time way back in 1983 and I killed the disease with leaf tea. one dose healed me try this it works and it’s easy to make. Just recently we have healed a few cases of Ross River on Russel Island near Brisbane. They used the seed drink and it worked. It is good to use the treatment every day and you will never ever get sick again (so to speak – under normal life circumstances). It’s good to see you are healing. Please feel free to read my articles.
    Regards Robert.

    By Papaya Healing

  233. Thanks for this amazing writing about all these health positives of papaya or papaya medicinal assistance so to speak for cancer treatment and of various other diseases. Can papaya be used as an acid reflux fixer / corrector? Because I’ve been noticing it works for me every time and which is quite common with my digestion.

    By Papaya and acid re-flux medicine

  234. Please note that Pawpaw and Papaya are not the same thing. Paw paw is yummy and like Carica papaya a great medicinal herb and grows throughout the SE US look for latin name of Asimina triloba sp. and is best known for its anti cancer. Papaya (latin name is Carica papaya) and has great digestive plus other medicinal properties and also really yummy. Really important to use latin names when talking about herbs and comparing them.

    * I just noticed this information, in fact Carica Papaya is also often referred to around the globe as the Paw Paw –

    By Bob Linde, AP, RH

  235. I have used pawpaw leave to treat malaria and stomach ache in children, but I want to know if pawpaw can alleviate pains of rheumatoid arthritis in adult.

    By Ebere

  236. Interesting stuff. Never heard of pawpaw before.

    By James

  237. When rendering plant names scientifically, the species is rendered in lower case.

    It is also worth noting, that the leaves of the plant are a premium source as a tea against that disease that is so fashionable.

    People with ‘that’ disease really need to get on their journey and source the actual root of the malady. See Louise Hay’s, Heal Your Body.

    Cancer: Deep hurt. Long standing resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. “What’s the use?”.

    Get on the program gang. In the end we are a sum total of our thoughts. Those who pursue light, intelligence and understand, realize this; become aware of, and dissolve, negativity in their lives (and no I don’t mean all the ‘happy, smiling, PMA’ crew).

    It came from your thinking; it can be dissolved with your thinking and change of heart. But regrettably 99.9% of people have so much self-righteous fear and denial in their lives,that they refuse to accept they might be possessed of human foibles.

    By Crispy Dog

  238. I am just wondering how much papaya should be consumed to help deal with constipation or prevent constipation. Got constipated a couple weeks ago. I ate a plate of papaya and apples at midnight. Next day, at noon, ate another plate of papaya. Pooped in like 5 hours. Was quite painful, but easy to pass.
    Now I wonder how much papaya should I eat each day to prevent constipation from happening if that works?

    By Consumer of Papaya

  239. Hello Papaya Consumer I have been eating a 1/4 of a Papaya a day for eighteen years and no sickness or constipation. If you use the seed and leaf as well you will live with out sickness or pain for a very long time.

    By Papaya Healing

  240. A point about Papaya that is too often ignored and that is the vermifuge properties of the seeds, in other words papaya works like some other medicine for expelling worms out from intestines.

    Understanding parasite infestation is critical to health. If you don’t believe you have any parasites go look at various research. Parasite are extremely common actually.

    Where there is cancer or tumors; there is 90% chance there are parasites present in the body. Google that too. It will be a revelation for the naysayers.

    By Crispy Dog

  241. RONKE says:
    “I just started having acne / pimples breakouts some 4 years ago. I am 34 years old, never had pimples, at least till I was 30, but now these are a constant feature on my face and it really bothers me quite a lot and it makes me very very self conscious.”
    My husband has cancer and I cook lemongrass and turmeric for him everyday. I recook lemongrass for myself and notice the black spots in my face and arm are faded.

    By Nam

  242. Hello Ronke
    If you eat a 1/4 of a Papaya a day and some seed and leaf tea it will help you
    Try it for a month
    Regards Robert

    By Robert Clark

  243. I knew papaya’s had great health benefits and the taste but I never knew about the cancer fighting properties the papaya has. Really amazing! This is one of the many reasons I enjoy eating tropical fruits.

    By Zana at GreenGlobalTravel

  244. Yes the enzyme papain which is present in the roots, leaves, latex and fruit of papaya plant is a very important part.

    By Joshua - papaya farmer

  245. Do I have to take another proteolytic enzymes and probiotic supplements, if I am on Papaya powder?

    By CK

  246. Yes, take especially probiotic now. What sort of papaya powder are you on?

    By Rob

  247. Thanks Robs for your answers. I’m taking Papaya Pro from Get Healthy Again. What is a good Probiotic brand?

    By ck

  248. Hello its Robert I have been getting emails and phone calls from many countries. Healing is happening Africa with breast cancer being treated also in Africa TB diabetes and high blood pressure in the Philippine’s lung cancer is being treated in Sydney prostrate cancer is being treated in Melbourne lung and bone cancer is being treated with the leaf tea or the crushed seed drink I will let you know when healing is complete
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing

  249. Hi Robert, I think, or it feels like, people should eat papaya also for preventing various diseases so they won’t get sick down the road basically and for its tasty and healthy nutritional values as well. Only since we met you a while back, we also consume the papaya seeds. Further more I also juice the papaya skin (together, among other vegetables and fruits) after washing it, always so when it looks fresh and clean on the outside. The aim is, that the whole precious papaya fruit gets used up without a waste. There is heaps of healthy liquid still remaining in the skin. The healing you have mentioned sounds promising.

    By Rado

  250. Hello everyone good news from Zimbabwe Africa Cathrine has Healed her breast cancer completely she confirmed it today nice news. She used the leaf tea and fruit miracles are happening thank you for reading my articles
    1. The Tree of Life PAPAYA or PAW PAW Remedies

    2. True perfect health and life to time indefinite.
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing

  251. Good Morning,

    I am from Pretoria, South Africa.
    My mom turning 83 has Non=Healing Ulcers (Varicose Veins) the ulcers does not heal going up and down. She is in an old age home now and they start using PawPaw skin on the Ulcers. It looks if it works but the smell is terrible. I would like to talk to someone who has experience and I would like to know where can I get some ointment or the extract.

    She cannot use Petroleum Jelly as a base, I have to mix in something else, something that she is also not allergic to.

    Must say all the photos I saw on the varicose veins is not as bad as what my moms legs looks like.

    Have a blessed day! RK

    By Rina

  252. Hello Rina
    I make an ointment cream using margarine and pulped fruit and skin why I use the healthy margarine is that it is vegetable oil basically which keeps the cream fresher.
    I use equal pulped fruit and skin and margarine parts I pulp the fruit with a bar mix then I heat the margarine in a pot until it has melted then I take it of the heat and add the pulped fruit to it and then mix it all together with the bar mix then as it cools pour into containers and that’s your cream for many ailments. Hope this will help. Try and get your Mom to eat at least a 1/4 of a papaya a day it will help her greatly.
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing

  253. Some news for our friends in Africa the Ebola virus can be killed with the Papaya leaf tea or the seed drink set out in my articles the Papain Enzyme kills all Viruses it devours the diseases proteins and other atoms this tree the papaya is death to all diseases
    Please pass this message on I cant contact Africa
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing

  254. Wondering whether any of you have tried McArthur Natural Products? An Australian company producer of natural products with high levels of pawpaw extract content. Skeptical at first but then I saw it helped me immensely with facial Rosacea I have and a lot of friends and my family have had amazing results with the products suitable for skin conditions of various kinds and even joint pains or arthritic pains. Hoping that by mentioning this it, the details may help some others in need.

    By Joanne

  255. Hi Robert I have colon cancer stage 3 and I don’t want to undergo operation. I praise God that the cancer cell was contained in one area. I am searching for other alternatives to fight this disease. Kindly help me how to administer this papaya leaves extract since our country is rich of these miracle tree. Do I need to drink the juice in empty stomach? How many times per day I should drink it?

    God bless!

    By Lina

  256. Hello Lina the leaf tea heals
    Take a leaf the size of your two hands spread out boil for ten minutes in 1/2 a litre of water
    Have it fresh three times a day use the fruit and seed as well have at least a 1/4 of a fresh fruit a day it will take time read my articles for more help or email me
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing

  257. Is it possible to mix it with other vegetable and fruit juice like beet,carrots,apple and ginger?

    By Lina

  258. Hello Lina the papaya will kill your cancer if we are not to late
    Use a leaf the size of your two hands spread out boil in 1/2 a litre of water for ten minutes
    Then let it cool and drink have this three times a day use the fruit and seed as well
    Have at least a 1/4 of a fruit a day
    It will take a few months to get rid of cancer
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing

  259. Hello Lina
    The papaya leaf tea is what you need plus fruit and seed
    Take a leaf the size of your two hands spread out
    Boil in half a litre of water for ten minutes let it cool then drink liquid left
    eat at least a 1/4 of a papaya a day have the leaf tea three times a day
    Your treatment may take months depending on the cancer
    hope you will win your battle
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing

  260. Thank you very much for the information. May I know if you’re a cancer survivor?

    By Lina

  261. Hello Lina
    No I have never had cancer but I suffered with a bleeding bowel twenty years ago when I first started with the papaya treatments it took a week of treatment and it healed and I have never stopped taking the treatments ever since I advice every one to us the treatments daily and you will never get sick and it will keep you regenerated
    Don’t mix your treatments have them fresh
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing

  262. Can this Papaya leafs eliminate big fibroid of 7mm and 6mm respectively? If yes how to prepare and administer it please. My friend has taken a lot of herbs all to no avail. If this works let her try it.
    Please reply.

    By jovy

  263. Hello Jovy
    Yes the leaf tea or seed drink may cure fibroid but it takes months of treatment
    The leaf tea twice a day take a leaf the size of your two hands and boil in half a litre of water for ten minutes let it cool then drink all of the tea have it fresh each time
    Or you can use the seed take two dessert spoons of seed put in a blender with a small cup of water and break up the seed for about a minute strain the seed husk with a fine sieve and drink it all have this twice a day as well use it diligently it will take months of treatment
    Hope this will help please read my articles
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing

  264. Hi my name is Steven,am very much impressed about your research about property healings for Pawpaw,please could you help with more specifics on how I can take pawpaw peelings for Skin allergies or any other ways to take it and what it may help me.

    I am very excited about this kind of information.Please send me this information on my email


    By Steven

  265. I read in pubmed and other serious scientific pages that papaya can help with chronic leg ulcers, and it is better that it should be raw, then you have to make it liquid and put it over the leg ulcer. I am trying this with the leg ulcers of my father and it seems that it works, though it is good to put a vaseline around the leg ulcer to prevent from damaging the (perilesional) skin around it. Besides he walks every day, and now is avoiding eating things with too much sugar as it is bad for this problem. Papaya, when is raw, won’t get damaged, because you know that if you leave papaya after a few days it gets … rotten … but if it is raw then it will make a gel. Yes, a gel.
    I heard that pure honey also cures chronic wounds and to prevent from happening the ulcers you have to walk all the days, at least half an hour (a friend had those spiders but now he doesn’t because he walks one hour and a half each day, natural solution) and you could use some cream over it. I read that olive oil is very good to give more oxygen to the skin so use it and a moisturizer to prevent ulcers to appear.
    Papaya is great, there are many uses of it as it has many fabulous properties. :)

    By gat_ubela

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