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True perfect health and life to time indefinite


… with the papain enzyme from the carica papaya – the tree of life.

The PAPAIN ENZYME is the MOST MIRACULOUS, FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL ENZYME in the World and is going to Cure, Heal and REGENERATE the Nations, I shall explain.

The Papain Enzyme is from the Carica Papaya Tree, it’s contained in the Tree’s bark, Fruit, sap, Leaves and Seed. The strongest forms of Papain Enzyme we use is the Leaf Tea and the seed drink.


Take some young leaf, e.g. like the size of your two hands, chop it into small pieces, place all pieces in half a litre of hot water in a clean pot and boil for ten minutes, then strain leafs matter from the tea, let it cool and then drink.


Take a 1/8 of the papaya fruit, take the seeds from the fruit at least one desert spoon or more. Place these seeds in a beaker with a small cup of water and use a Barmix and break up seed into pulp for about a minute, then strain all seed husk from the drink with a fine sieve, drink slowly at first. Use each of these remedies fresh as they do not keep for long.

These two remedies are a Natural way of taking in the Enzyme Papain, eat the fruit every day.

Science discovered that the Enzyme Papain SPLITS, and DEVOURS PROTEINS plus other ATOMS. They Science discovered this decades ago. Since this MAJOR discovery, they Science have also tested almost all disease and ailments and they have found that all disease is Protein related. The problem with Science is it has never used the Enzyme Papain against disease as We have for the past sixteen years and We have had a 100% Healing, it is now for the World to now.

      1. It will destroy all cancer as it is protein Related and not part of our body.
      2. It will destroy all viruses as they are Protein Based.
      3. It will destroy all Bacterial Ailments as they are Protein related.
      4. It will Heal the disease of Organs as they are Protein related.
      5. It Cleans, Cures, Heals and REGENERATES, the Human Family and all life on this Planet.

Once you start using the Papain Enzyme in the right way you will realize that disease is but a protein Problem that can be crushed, dissolved and destroyed with this Powerful Enzyme Papain.

Its as if the Enzyme has Wisdom as it can tell the difference between a Blood cell and a cell of Evil. It will attack the Evil cell and leave the Blood cell alone. You see We are made up of Protein as well. But the Enzyme only cleans, cures, heals and REGENERATES. But We need it daily at least a leaf Tea or a Seed Drink and some Fruit every day especially if you are sick or aging.

When fighting cancer you need at least two leaf teas fresh and some Fruit every day. If you cannot get leaf use the Seed Drink and Fruit every day only one Seed Drink a day plus fruit. It can take Months to get rid of build ups. Use the same for Hepatitis and Aids these two Viruses hide in our cells, the enzyme will not touch these cells as they are part of our Body. When the nasty cell comes out of our body cell then the Enzyme can do its Work in Breaking it down, that’s why if you are sick in any form you need this treatment.

When you have diseased Organs such as Kidney, Liver, heart, use Leaf Tea three times a day or a Seed Drink and Fruit. Keep this going until you feel confident to get tested again, about a weeks treatment should have you on the mend. Keep using it and REGENERATE all of your body. We have Healed diseased Livers and Kidneys in just four days. With just twelve Leaves.

For Viruses Seed Drink or Leaf Tea for as long as you feel sick. Use the Fruit daily and you will help in your Regeneration. I am near sixty and I have been using it almost daily for sixteen years as a test, no sickness and slowed down my aging. I mainly use the Seed Drink and Fruit as I can't always get the leaf.

Why are We so confident about this Tree and its Enzyme Papain. Because sixteen years ago We found two Scriptures from our Bible that talk about this Tree the Carica Papaya and its leaf. The first Scripture in Genesis 3:22 tells us that if We partake of this Tree of Life We can Live to Time Indefinite, that’s forever. In Revelation 22:2 it actually tells us something that can identify this Tree. If this Tree of Life Fruits every Month of the year, the same as this Tree the Carica Papaya the Papaya. It also says in this Scripture that its Leaves are for the curing of the Nations, that is all of Mankind. We have a big job ahead of us as there is not enough Papaya Trees to heal all on Earth.

This is The Start of a NEW ERA or AGE IN TIME, TRUE PERFECT HEALTH and LIFE TO TIME INDEFINITE. Never have We had such a DIVINE GIFT as this Tree, and I tell you now that the Papaya the Papaya the Tree of Life is going to eventually Heal the Whole Earth and our Atmosphere and our Seas, Rivers and Streams, it is so Written, We only have to try. Imagine Living forever with a happy Healthy Body without aging. If you want this you need this Tree everyday.

Remember when you have a Protein problem such as disease use the Protein Destroyer The PAPAIN ENZYME. Please pass this Message of Health, Regeneration of the Whole Body and Life to Time Indefinite on to all who need it, that’s all of Us. Thank you.

* Papaya related Robert’s next article. Read all those other comments about papaya on the Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health page.

For more information phone: 07 5483 6440 ( from overseas: +617 5483 6440 )

Email: robertclark8888 with gmailREMOVE com (before sending remove the “REMOVE”)

Written by Robert Clark

4/8 Batchelor Rd.
Gympie, QLD 4570

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  1. […] Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health True perfect health and life to time indefinite […]

    Pingback The Tree of Life PAPAYA or PAW PAW RemediesPermalink

  2. Please put me on your email list, as I have brain cancer & type 1 diabetes.

    By E Beard — Permalink

  3. E Beard if you can get the leaf it’s your best help. Use the fruit and seed it will help you contact me if you need more help.

    By Papaya HealingPermalink

  4. I once heard a young chubby girl of 17 or 18 used pawpaw skin and seeds to loose weight.

    Please can you tell me if this is a good way to loose weight? What are the side effects of eating or drinking the juice and pulp of papaya skin and seeds ?what is the daily dose that is s age and do you boil it or do you drink it raw ?

    By Patricia — Permalink

  5. Hello you need to have some papaya fruit for lunch about an 1/8 of a fruit then pulp the seed from that piece of fruit with some water and strain seed husk with a fine sieve have the same at night after your main meal.
    Cut back on your food intake and make the papaya your main part of your diet and you will lose weight about a kilo a week.
    Regards Robert

    By Robert Clark — Permalink

  6. Hello

    I have type 2 Diabetes, doctors say my body stop producing Insulin, and I inject insulin in high numbers – but still read very high, I have plenty Papaya tees around my country home and never knew this wonderful benefits till I read this article – wow I did boil papaya leaves and drank the tea = wow in just 5 days I reduced my numbers by 5 points with able to eat proper meals …….. I am sure this is very good start …. now my next appointment is in 2 weeks ……. I sure will update the results, oh! also my hypertension always high also reduced to normal always – I sure will update the results in next 2 weeks I pray and hope for the very best ….. Aunty KB

    Please always have me on your list … thank you

    By Kaur Balbir — Permalink

  7. Hello Kaur
    good to see you are getting better use the leaf tea at least twice a day fresh each time make your fruit intake at least 1/2 your diet and you will heal over a period of time the more you try the quicker you will recover. Don’t waste the seed crush it and use it in your cooking of soups and stews. Keep using it and you will never get sick again and you will live a long life.
    Regards Robert

    By Robert ClarkPermalink

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