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How Eating Pizza With Your Friends Can…

I enjoy entertaining and having my friends and family over. I love to cook. I am very particular about the quality of my ingredients and how they are prepared. It then follows that if I want the best pizza around, I have to make it myself, from scratch, and cook it the way it was done originally… with a wood burning oven.

Sell Your Home Faster And For More Money?!!?

Made correctly, the wood burning oven is an attractive and functional piece of architecture in any property. How would it help you sell your home faster and for more money? I am a Los Angeles Real Estate broker, and particularly in Southern California, it:

  1. Offers a unique luxury that others do not have
  2. Helps create a welcoming outdoor atmosphere
  3. Allows the outdoor spaces it occupies to be enjoyed into the colder parts of our seasons
  4. Makes great food!

People define how happy they are by what they have over and above what their neighbors have. A wood burning oven is something that very few people have. This is attractive for any owner of Real Estate, from Los Angeles, to Tokyo, to Australia.

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces is a major design theme of this decade. Fire pits, fire places, bars, kitchens, and other amenities are very attractive features for most home owners because it allows them to enjoy the fair weather with their family and friends. The wood burning oven is the perfect addition to an out door kitchen, or as a stand alone feature.

The ambient heat from door of an oven naturally makes it a place for people to congregate when it is cold out. There is something powerful about all of that heat built up and concentrated in the chamber. And it lasts so long that it serves to warm up the whole space around the door because it absorbs into walls, floors, etc.

The most obvious benefit to owners of a home with a wood burning oven is the food. Fire lends a flavor to the food you cook that cannot be duplicated. A freshly smoked turkey, a flash cooked pizza or steak, or a hearty loaf of sourdough bread all taste better when cooked in a wood burning oven.

Because these ovens are so rare, doing a statistical study of the value and days on market of the homes with an oven versus homes that do not have ovens is impossible, and would be without value unless it could be done on a larger scale.

Just ask the man that knows best, the man who builds them. When he was helping to sell his own families home, in Rado’s own words (the owner / founder of, “If I knew I would be showing the home to 5 people, I would fire up the oven. That is guaranteed to sell the home.”

If you are ever in the market for Los Angeles Real Estate, contact me and I will find you the best home in town, cook you a pizza, and show you how to build your own oven!

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Michael Gentile
(818) 726-5982
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  1. “People define how happy they are by what they have over and above what their neighbors have.”

    Couldn’t be more truth than this … when will ever be contented with what God has given us.


    By Yan Shall Blog — Permalink

  2. I heard that the best effects for selling house are when you smell fresh baked cookies. Who whould say…

    By Cookie Chris — Permalink

  3. It’s in 100% true! The first thing that future purchasers noticed was fire place. So if you want to sell your house – make such amenities (imo, it’s a little bit ironic – to sell sth you have to build sth in it).

    By sernikPermalink

  4. Brick oven can certainly help sell the house. It’s one thing that makes your offer stand out from all those other ads (especially now when few people are buying and many more are selling). Even if someone’s not interested in your house they’ll remember it ( “you mean the one with the pizza oven?” ) and may recommend it to their friends.

    By SetaiPermalink

  5. This is an amazing idea. There is really no point in not getting one, unless you don’t have a backyard – then it might be a problem ;) Build one pizza oven yourself or hire someone, it will not only create a new pretext for family/friends meetings, but it surely will make your home unique if you plan on selling it.

    By Pozycjonowanie PoznaƄ — Permalink

  6. Certainly agree to this, foods are the best way to the buyers heart. :)

    By Lindsay ArielPermalink

  7. Tell me how can i make vegetable/Mutton Pizza at home. If you know tell me recipie/ingredients. Looking for best pizzas.

    By Mutton pizza — Permalink

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