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Papaya Yogurt Dessert Recipe

Papaya yogurt dessert For 4 serves you only need 2 medium size papaya or 1 larger one, 250g of yogurt (I use natural or vanilla yogurt), 2 big table spoons of honey and 1 table spoon of lemon juice. How to do this, cut the papaya into smaller cubes and place into the bigger bowl, in separate bowl mix together yogurt, honey and lemon juice (for this I use hand mixer as it makes the yogurt mix smoother and distributes the honey evenly). Pour the yogurt mixture onto the papaya and mix, decorate with mint leaves if you wish. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in my previous article about health benefits of papaya there are many ways how to include this great fruit into your daily diet.

Papaya dessert recipe Papaya dessert ingredients Boost your Immune System with Papaya, I was feeling a bit under the weather recently,tired with the cold season upon us and tired this papaya a day myself and must say I feel great, all you do is every day for whole week eat one papaya, this will deliver great number of good quality proteins into our cells, on the third day I already felt more energized, I believe this was due to getting rid of all undigested protein from my body, so I felt cleaner. I found that the easiest was to consume papaya fresh on its own or as a part of fruit salads. If you wish you can improve the taste of papaya with few lemon or lime drops, you can have papaya with the slice of a nice cheese as entrée. In the fruit salads I like to combine it with oranges, grapefruit or try currents. There are many different ways how to prepare and consume papaya, and this is just one of them, a nice quick recipe for papaya with yogurt. Great way to start your day with or great way to finish your lunch or dinner.

For yogurt amounts between various measuring systems (e.g. oz, lb, Kg, L, mL, gal and cups), calculation based on 245g per cup measure yogurt measures converter and list of nutrients of yogurt per 100 grams. This tool will calculate exactly how many kilo-calories are in the yogurt part of the dessert and per smaller portions.

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  1. The quality of the info on and useful variety of topics is what keeps me coming back, slowly adopting, thank you! Going to make this paw-paw/papaya with yogurt desert this weekend, I like this combination of ingredients.

    Since we finished building our Masterly Tail oven model last month we’ve fired it up and cooked 8 times! It’s perfect, never a dull moment! The food is marvelous…

    Good bless you Rado.


    By ice cream machine — Permalink

  2. I really like baking cake and desserts. Sadly, I’ve got to be watching my weight :(. Wheres the best place to find baking tips for cakes and desserts that are low fat?

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  3. I used to order this papaya yogurt desert at a restaurant but they closed down. Now I know how to it at home for myself and friends at any time I wish because it is a quick to make delicious dish. With the yogurt and paw paw they also used to serve another one but with sliced fresh carrots, green bell peppers and water chestnuts, also fresh plus a hot rice portion. As prepared the spices tasted just great, which is important.

    By kheer — Permalink

  4. I have got success with this one papaya dessert! I was jumping from a joy elated and must report that this yogurt with pawpaw mixed into I’ve created the other day using your fantastic recipe was fast and proved successful. I cannot believe that I have done it so fast. Normally I never seem to get cooked meals or making sweet desserts right, on the first trying that is. Thanks for these instructions. There’s no doubt due to your terrific and easy-to-follow preparation directions.

    My family loved it and I must mention I feel great because it is pretty healthy and good for our digestion. Thanks for adding the link to the “health benefits of papaya”, after reading the information the extra knowledge makes you feel even better about eating papaya. I like to add lemons to my cooking, please visit my lemon service site.


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  5. This papaya dessert looks absolutely delicious and definitely worth to prepare it and eat it with friends and family.

    By Claire A — Permalink

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