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Walnuts in forest dark honey

Walnuts in forest dark honey. Last night I made a second jar but this time I added in few pieces of orange skin with walnuts. This is a very simple task, all that is required is to pack well some small glass jar full with walnuts and then to pour honey in. The honey leaked in between the walnuts very slowly (air bubbles take their time to travel towards the top through thick honey) so it’s better doing so in stages instead of standing there and wait. At the end close the lid tight and that’s it.

Walnuts dipped in honey are so yummy

The one on the picture I made in my mother’s place while I was in Europe last time. She always keeps at home this almost black color honey European bees collect in their local pine forests. That forest honey tastes so great and is also very aromatic. The guy who keeps the bees does not heat up his honey nor process it in any way.

Apart filling up the jar almost to the top and closing it with lid, there is another little trick to it. The trick is not to touch your jar for at least one month. Don’t open it too early! The longer you keep it closed the better the honey flavor soaks into the walnuts, AND, the walnuts’ flavor also gets beautifully absorbed by the honey!

I must admit I was lucky with this jar; after I made it I hid it in basement pantry so no one can find it – and then I forgot about it. Sometimes is good to be too busy. I can tell you, when I found it after 3 or 4 months I was tempted not to mention anything about it to any one. But I did share it. This time I will eat only, with teaspoon, one walnut per day. And each month I will make one jar like this, and try extending the time to keep it one year old before first time opening.

My usual honey walnuts mix

The mix however can be easily doubled or tripled and so on.

Nuts, walnuts, english – 1 cup shelled (50 halves)
Honey, raw – 1 measuring cup

Nutritional Facts

Size: All Items Combined Together

Nutrient name Nuts, walnuts, english Honey merged
%DV *
Calories [kcal or Cal] 654.00 1,030.56 1,684.56 ~
Total Fat [g] 65.21 0 65.21 100.32
- Saturated Fat [g] 6.13 0 6.13 30.65
- Trans Fat [g] ~ ~ ~ ~
Cholesterol [mg] 0 0 0.00 0
Sodium [mg] 2.00 13.56 15.56 0.65
Total Carbohydrates [g] 13.71 279.34 293.05 97.68
- Dietary Fibres [g] 6.70 0.68 7.38 29.52
- Sugar [g] 2.61 278.39 281.00 ~
Protein [g] 15.23 1.02 16.25 32.50
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie intake.
DV may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Walnuts in Honey

Walnuts in dark forest honey ?

By the way, I was caught by surprise with the title of this article “Walnuts in forest dark honey.” Initially I had it written as “Walnuts in dark forest honey.” Then after proofreading I had a though, wow, it sounded more like I had obtained the honey from some deep dark and spooky forest which contains huge flowers 1 meter in diameter. Who knows where everywhere the bees fly?

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  1. LoL, when i first saw the picture, my brain said: small pickled brains?

    But… after some reading, i was corrected :D

    I will definitely try to make this also, they work very well with a cheese-buffet.

    Lars’s last blog post: Pasta med kylling og portobello svampe

    By LarsPermalink

  2. Ummmm. Walnuts are soo good and I can imagine they are very good in honey. They are extremely healthy for you too as they contain good fats and omega-3’s.

    By pays to live green — Permalink

  3. i am trying to find a good dark, unfiltered, raw honey. do you know where i can buy this product. thank you, lavina.

    By lavina — Permalink

  4. I appreciate the amounts of nutrients for this thing.

    Walnuts are healthy and tasty and these nuts have also a great values of their nutritional content. See the shape, yes surely they are nuts and a food very suitable for a healthy brain functions. Some commenter above has already mentioned that. Doctrine of signatures is always correct.

    Honey and especially raw honey is also healthy. Plus sweet and yummy. Seems you have created a perfect mix which I am about to reproduce right now. The waiting for it to mature will be quite hard though.

    By Ivette Lafarge — Permalink

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