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Vegetable relish spread rediscovery

Vegetable relish spread product by Podravka. Podravka vegetable relish. My Grandma in Bratislava always used to have it for me. This is the vegetable relish spread in the glass jar. I used to love it as a child and I still love it.

Those days that spread brand product was called Saba but I don’t remember its producer, i’ll try to find out. At home we used to call it pikant. I remember the nick name pikant was used by every one. The irresistibly rich flavor spoke for its self. Lots of people knew pikant and so did all kids that I knew. This mix gives good rich flavour also to various sauce dishes. I was always sweet chilly and pepper fan, and tomato or cucumbers, you know the fresh green baby onions etc., that’s mine stomach!

I found the vegetable relish again …

I was so lucky to find it in a small fruit and vegetable shop we stopped by on our way to Lillydale Farm last week. I couldn’t wait to open it for quick snack. The price was 5 bucks per one quite a large jar – 690g (grams) which equals to 24.34 oz (ounces) exactly. It means a lot to me so I got 4 jars, 2 with mild (last ones on the shelf) and 2 with hot flavor.

If you sometimes take a nice slice of roast with bread for lunch at work … spread butter on the bread and then this relish on top. That’s it, simple but with very effective results. Or do so for breakfast and tea times, this bread can be eaten with cut fresh vegetables and cheese on a large plate.

The vegetable relish contains

Paprika, egg plant, tomato concentrate, hot peppers, spices, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, vinegar. And No Artificial Food Additives (comprehensive printable list) like food coloring, preservatives, flavor enhancers, these are not added in this product, it is all healthy stuff in the jar!

Podravka Ajvar food products are manufactured in Croatia and are imported by Podravka INT’L P/L ( food company).

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  1. Photo of bread from wood fired oven. Enjoy

    By RadoPermalink

  2. this looks nice. i love that bread picture. it makes me want to eat it!

    surprisingly those bread machines that we see selling on supermarkets can make a very tasty bread. i wasn’t expecting it.

    By Hugo Santos — Permalink

  3. Hey Hugo,
    Thank you for visiting and for your input, come again!

    Yes they do don’t they, but the machines also consume lots of costly el. power to produce one bread and the globe is already suffering. I suppose it’s always up to the individual’s style and what s/he bakes in. My sister bakes lovely breads in one of those, I think Panasonic.

    By RadoPermalink

  4. Oh yes, it does work.

    Hey, it’s a nice comment preview you have here. This is not the usual stuff I’ve seen. Care to share?

    Oh gosh, it’s breakfast time. Would you please take that image off as it makes me rather hungry now.


    By Blog for Beginners — Permalink

  5. That bread look tasty. I never thought that fire wood oven could be use to make such bread. How do we control the suitable temperature to avoid the bread to become over cook?

    By ilmu internet — Permalink

  6. Hey Yan,
    Thanks again.

    Yes it’s a dawn of a brand new WP plugin. I have the script installed manually now but plugin is completed, will find time to test it this weekend.

    Sure you can have it for your site, will you write in your blog plugin quick review on it with anchor text link to me?

    Puts no load on server CPU or resources and it is fast as it’s pulled from java script file. The preview is automatically stiled to your current css and html style, what’s simultaneously seen in the synchronized preview also submits, WYSYWG – What You See You Will Get.

    By RadoPermalink

  7. Hi ilmu,
    Yes wood fired brick ovens can be very efficient and most suitable for baking, making pizza, roasting etc. Thank you for your nice words about the bread (picture). Hope to see you more in here Mate, welcome!

    By RadoPermalink

  8. That bread looks amazing and making me feel extremely hungry, I think that when I do buy my own house and no longer renting I am going to put in a brick oven.

    By KimdaCookPermalink

  9. I don’t know what is the word for ‘hot & spicy’ in Czech, but “Pikantny” means in polish “spicy”, so the name which you were using for this in home is really appropriate :) It also tastes good with pasta.

    By sernikPermalink

  10. This might be just the thing I’ve been looking for. I tried expanding my cooking but what I lacked was the, so to speak, spark of genius. Inspiration.
    This hot relish spread looks like something I definitely have to try. Any tips on where to get it? Any big chain?

    By Pozycjonowanie Poznań — Permalink

  11. I love podravka products ;) all those jars with vegetables look tasty but there are few East Europe companies that do the best things. That is Podravka, Pudliszki and Winiary. Delicious in my opinion.

    By Podravka food — Permalink

  12. This is a food addition and quick supplement for fresh vegetables, which is very handy in my kitchen. Denmark spreads on bread now are far more tastier than ever.

    By Poznań — Permalink

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