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Carob Flour and Powder Conversion Calculator

Calculator for converting carob flour amounts between weight and volume equivalent measurements. Cups of carob flour into grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms.

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This automatic carob flour weight versus volume conversion calculator lets you instantly convert measurements of carob flour from cups (US and Metric), grams g, ounces oz, pounds lb, tablespoons tbsp, teaspoons tsp and from/to dekagrams dkg or dag, kilograms kg amounts into scale needed, even larger volume like gallons gal or quarts qt.
Extensive list menu of carob flour measuring units.
Enter whole numbers, decimals, fractions into the carob converter eg: #3, 25.35, 5 1/3

I have measured the carob powder weight per volume (sieved, spooned and scooped into the cup) and I made this photo of organic carob pods, carob seeds and powder after I purchased them in Byron Bay (NSW Australia.) An amazing place on the Earth. It was all consumed shortly after (except those hard seeds.) I hope the photo suits well for all sizes of mobile phone screens.

Carob seeds and carob pods on top of carob flour powder.
Carob pods, seeds, powder/flour picture

Weight of carob flour

Carob flour or powder volume vs. weight conversions

carob powder & flour volume weight chart:
cup1103g3.6 oz0.23 lb
gram1/1001g0.035 oz0.002 lb
ounce0.2828.35g1 oz0.06 lb
pound4.4453.6g16 oz1 lb
kilogram9.71000g35.27 oz0.2 lb
tablespoon0.066.4g0.23 oz0.014 lb
teaspoon0.022.1g0.08 oz0.005 lb
carob powder & flour volume weight chart:

Convert cups of carob flour into grams g, ounces oz and tablespoons.

carob flour & powder equivalent measurements
Cups USGramsOuncesTablespoons
cup of carob flour12.9 gram0.5 ounce2 tbsp
¼ cup of carob flour25.8 gram0.9 ounce4 tbsp
cup of carob flour34.3 gram1.2 ounce5 tbsp
cup of carob flour38.6 gram1.4 ounce6 tbsp
½ cup of carob flour51.5 gram1.8 ounce8 tbsp
cup of carob flour64.4 gram2.3 ounce10 tbsp
cup of carob flour68.7 gram2.4 ounce10 tbsp
¾ cup of carob flour77.3 gram2.7 ounce12 tbsp
cup of carob flour90.1 gram3.2 ounce14 tbsp
1 cup of carob flour103 gram3.6 ounce16 tbsp

Nutritional values of carob

Carob and cacao in essence have very similar appearance in their texture, color and quite in the taste as well. Both are a very nicely aromatic food ingredients. Cacao & carob, can be supplemented with each other. Cacao can be exchanged for carob in various recipes and vise verse. For instance in liquid smoothies and also in solid bars or for creating icing. A carob chocolate is easy to make. But these two have a bit different nutritional values. For example, apart other nutritional values, marginally carob contains higher amount of amino acid l-lysine and lesser value of l-arginine (where's the cacao has the marginal percentage of these two nutrients values right in the opposite way around - meaning more of arginine than of lysine which can be an important dietary consideration for some who watch these aspects - table w/ lysine to arginine ratios contained in a long list of various foods.)

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