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pH Potential Hydrogen vs. mV Millivolts el. current equivalents

Calculator for working out pH levels (alkalinity or acidity) from mV (millivolts) electric current equivalent measurements.

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This pH <-> millivolt voltage tool allows you to make instant comparisons within the specific range of mV millivolts readings and the common pH scale equivalent.
You may enter whole numbers, decimals or fractions ie: 7, 29.35, 15 3/4 and plus + or minus - signs as well, e.g. -25.74 or +12.05 and so on.

Alkalinity or Acidity (pH) vs. Millivolts (mV)

The term pH means Potential Hydrogen and thus this pH number corresponds also to a voltage measurement.

Where the full range of pH scale goes from a low acidic pH 0 = +400 mV to a high alkaline pH 14 = -400 mV level. Meaning in terms of full span between upper and lower limits:

  • The full pH range starts from low pH0 and goes to upper pH14
  • in short: 0-14 pH
  • The millivolts scope begins from the -400mV to +400mV electric charge
  • in short: -400 to +400 milliVolts

Manual mV to pH conversion formulae method:

With my voltmeter, a cheap handheld multimeter I have, I measured millivolts generated within our spring water we consume and cook with at home. It contains good minerals. The stable reading I get each time I repeat that test is -25.14 mV which implies to water pH 7.44 precisely.

Additional data for soil pH in agricultural practices will be added.

From voltage in millivolts to the basicity (alkalinity, acidity) calculation:

Chart: pH ≡ mV

As the below table shows, the optimum middle or the medium-neutral level of alkalinity, the normal pH balance, state is the pH 7 number. Human blood for instance caries pH 7.5 hence reading -28.57 mV's in the pH electric similarities.

Further below pH0 or above pH14, considering also both of the corresponding volt measures outputs on each side, would form (perhaps non-existent) extremes:

pH Voltage
pH AlkalinityMillivolts
0 pH+400 mV
7 pH0 mV
14 pH-400 mV
pH equals Voltage
breakout number values
0 pH+400mV
1 pH+342.86 mV
2 pH+285.71 mV
3 pH+228.57 mV
4 pH+171.43 mV
5 pH+114.29 mV
6 pH+57.14 mV
7 pHzero mV
8 pH-57.14 mV
9 pH-114.29 mV
10 pH-171.43 mV
11 pH-228.57 mV
12 pH-285.71 mV
13 pH-342.86 mV
14 pH-400 mV

The millivolts to pH formula was first discovered by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

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