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Built by Greg, in:
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Pizza oven built by Greg - built by Greg

Wood fired pizza oven built by greg in North Fort Myers, FL, USA. Additional oven and meal images can be found in Greg's blog post among articles.

Greg built this great pizza oven.

Oven's name: Pizza oven

Greg roasted this leg of lamb in his pizza oven.

Photos by: Greg

Location: North Fort Myers, Florida, US

Title: Greg's Pizza Oven

Description: Hi Rado,
After starting this project I was able to spend most day's working on it. I finally finished my oven the last week of April. I have 35+ years in the building trades but no experience with building ovens. Folks, if you are thinking about building one, go through Rado's disk before you start and you will be fine. Start looking for materials, I found ALL the blocks for FREE, I searched the brick yards for deals, and found people online in my area looking to get rid of stuff. Advertisements in papers are great for collecting material. Order the fire bricks, cement, portland, lime and fire clay and just get busy. It is a TON of fun !!! If there's anything I can help with don't hesitate to contact me, I will do all I can for -you can email me, I just want people to have confidence in doing this and the project sure was easy and fun for me.


Additional pictures of Greg's pizza oven can be seen in his article.

by Rado Hand

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