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Built by Matilda, in:
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Original 1955 oven and bakery

Still standing bakery with the same oven as it was originally built in the year 1955. You can approximately calculate how many times it was heated up and reloaded (calculated up to 4-6 times batches reload from the night before firing - when necessary.)

Bakery in Maleny town in Queensland.

Photo by: Matilda
Location: Maleny town, Queensland, Australia.

Title: Large Baker's wood fired oven in Maleny

Description: This large square (4m x 4m) bakery brick dome was built by old Masters who in the year 1955 and before never heard about refractory cements. They used old refractory mortar recipes, traditional old building techniques, shame their skills and recipes are being slowly forgotten rather then passed on. With this oven, people who run the place own now a precious piece of 'wood oven building' and 'bread/cake baking' history.

by Rado Hand

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