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Built by Roger w/ Kay, in:
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Masterly Tail oven MTo design built by Rodger and Kay

MTo wood fired oven design - Masterly Tail oven version with split level entry surface built in Rothwell, Qld., Australia by Rodger and Kay.

Masterly Tail oven MTo design version built by Rodger.

Oven's name: Side Gate Trattoria

Progress in building masterly tail oven design. Brick work progress on MTo oven design. Split level entry surface on this MTo.

Front of Masterly Tail oven design built by Kay and Rodger. Pizzas to be cooked in MTo by Rodger and Kay. Pizza cooked in MTo.

Photos by: Kay & Rodger

Location: Rothwell, Queensland, Australia

Title: MTo design version.

Description: Hi Rado,
We have finally finished our "Shrine to Pizza Worship". We are very happy with the final result and thought you might like a few photo's. We have named it, "Side Gate Trattoria" as our backyard access is via a side gate. The pizza cooks beautifully and we are planning to cook a big dinner in the oven in a couple of weeks from now. I made the entry "split level" because I originally planned to have a steel ash box sitting in the recess. I have decided I like it without the ash box so that's why it is built this way.

Kay and Rodger

Rothwell, Queensland

by Rado Hand

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