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Built by Geoff, in:
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New: fresh

Material for this project was scrounged

The material for this project in majority was scrounged, and with it this wood burning oven was built. It's worthy, it saved lots of money.

How to scrounge up majority of the project material for building this wood burning oven.

Oven's name: excellent oven

Oven built out of scrounged material.

Photos by: Geoff

Location: Rockhampton, Qld., Australia

Title: How to scrounge up majority of the project material?

Description: Just wanted to say thanks and send you a photo of our oven that we built using your excellent plans. I scrounged almost all of the material except the refractory bricks and concrete for the slab. I did it all myself so don’t look too hard at the brickwork. There is a falcon ute full, of fly ash around the dome for insulation.

Much Thanks
Geoff R.

by Rado Hand

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