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Built by Wojtek, in:
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Wood fired oven with fish smoker

The pizza oven with the fish-smoker both function fantastically. We have the beautiful like around the cottage, from which all fish for smoking come.

Fish smoker and garden oven project built in Poland.

Oven's name: Gdynia Oven

Fish smoker and near-by built woodburning brick oven. Brick oven with fish smoker project near-by.

Photos by: Wojtek

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Title: Fish smoker and woodfired brick oven

Description: I have fully followed your valuable recommendations and the results are fantastic !! Our place, by a beautiful 150 hectare virgin lake is situated some 70 km south from Gdynia / Gdansk - Polish Baltic coast (the Baltic coast region which is also called "Kaszubian Switzerland" because of the hilly terrain and abt. 120 lakes in the radius of 100 km from Gdynia.) where my wife Marzenka and I have a property of approx. 10,000 m2. I love cooking and our pizza/bread oven is unbeatable and irreplaceable. All my life I was fascinated by cooking in the old traditional way. I can't stop people visiting us to taste the food. Thank you very much for everything, although it was virtual, however, extremely useful and at the end practical.

Behind it you may notice another red construction which is fish smoker connected underground by a clay pipe with pizza oven. Fish from that smoker is again unbeatable and the most delicious in the World. Integration with the fish smoker (on the back) I burn wood for smoking in the very bottom of the oven and the smoke/ warm air is diverted to the smoker through the underground ceramic pipe (approx. 3 m long in order to cool the hit ). I don't know whether you invented such sophistication ?? If not, it is worth to try it.

So thanks again for making us addicted to this method of cooking outdoors. Good health and good luck to you and yours.

Best regards.

Wojtek & Marzenka Kossak
Gdynia, Poland

by Rado Hand

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