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My oven cooks FANTASTIC !!

My Masterly Tail oven design cooks fantastically. Hello to all, this oven design is FANTASTIC to say the least. Here’s a few shots of the oven, pizza, leg of lamb, YUMMY! I am SO glad I went with this, I fire up at 10:30 Sat. Morning after coffee, get things ready for pizza at noon, prep the bread for after pizza time while the wife gets going on what she wants to roast for dinner. Cooking time well organized. It is so easy, and the cooking time with all the insulation effort has been well worth it. After cooking dinner one Sat., I closed the oven door, Sunday, LATE afternoon, around 6 pm I went to the oven, opened the door to check the temp, it was still at 250 degrees Fahrenheit = 121.1 degrees Celsius, that was 31 hours after firing, a good size arm load of wood!!! If you let it cool a bit, you could dehydrate fruits and veggies real nicely!

Leg of lamb roasted in Masterly Tail brick oven design. Greg cooked great pizza in his Masterly Tail brick oven. Pizzas done by Greg in his MTo design wood fired oven. Bread baked in Greg's Masterly Tail oven design - picture. Greg built professional Masterly Tail oven firebrick chamber.

I’ve thanked you several times for your help and quick response when I was a bit puzzled on which way to go. And thanks for the opportunity to share such a AWESOME design with me and who ever else was smart enough to order your CD. It’s a great guide to perfection. How you were able to respond to me so quickly was beyond me, it was like you were sitting at your computer waiting.

Ground slab making for building MTo wood burning ovens. Greg's concrete block walls in Masterly Tail oven building. MTo firebrick arch wooden template making. Making MTo oven firebrick vault arch. Making firebrick rear dome wall in MTo wood burning oven. Greg fired for the first time his wood fired pizza oven.

I went with the Masterly Tail (fire chamber size and firebricks structure) but as you can see I used what was given to me for the Facade. I also found several deals at the brick yards clearance section which most brick yards DO have. If anyone needs help of any kind I would be glad to assist. I would like to build another one just for fun.

As you can see, cooking in this oven is a GREAT time!! We just finished pizza for lunch, and after letting the oven cool for an hour or so, I put two loaves of bread made with half Spelt flour and half Bread flour. They will cook for about 40 minutes and then I will load three LARGE chicken breast’s that we will eat for dinner, OH, the wife just asked me to put in a few cookies ( on the pizza stone) for Grandma to have with her coffee. HA! What a BLAST!!! If any one is thinking of building one of these ovens, think no more, get busy, have RADO send you a cd, You won’t be sorry!!! FOLLOW HIS PLAN!!! You will LOVE IT!!!

I’m located in North Fort Myers, Florida.

Rado, your design is by far the best I’ve seen, I researched this for several months before ordering your cd. Now I can’t say I made it as perfect as yours ( because you are the man!!) but it works fine, it takes one and a half hours to get to pizza temp. Easy to do. With seasoned oak firewood or gum branches, etc. I’m SOOOOOO happy!

Thanks once again.

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  1. Greg, Your oven looks great. I am about to put on my 3 -4 inches of concrete cladding over the dome. I see that yours is open and not covered by a clay tile roof from Rado’s plans. What kind of climate do you live in. I live in the Chicago area and I was afraid of leaving it uncovered like that with all of our snow.

    By Tony — Permalink

  2. I live in Cape Coral. Can you build me one?

    By Rich — Permalink

  3. Your oven is beautiful. How did you finish the the top? I live in South Carolina and I really don’t want to finish mine like Rado’s. I mean his is awesome, but I like the way you finished yours at the top. What did you do?

    By Tish — Permalink

  4. Do not have enough money to buy a family house so I am going to build our wood fired oven on a trailer. Have you got a mobile oven plans? Should I have to worry, just because it is achievable to get home loan or the credit loans, how to work out all the problems later? Buying all material gradually from people selling it papers!

    By Karen — Permalink

  5. Be careful what you build on a trailer. Brick domes do not hold up to road vibrations. Saw one completely destroyed from just a bump in the road. Just my two cents.

    By Greg — Permalink

  6. Tish, Thank you, I covered mine with w/three coat stucco, with color added into it.

    When you want to start.

    By Greg — Permalink

  7. Hi Greg, I live in Naples. I have built a great platform for my oven, just need some help with starting the dome. I’m not a cement/stucco specialist by any means. Just curious if you were still willing to help someone. If you email me I can send you photos of were I am now with the project. I’m trying to do this for my father.

    By Dimitri — Permalink

  8. Dimitri, I emailed you and haven’t heard back, how are you doing? Did you finish the oven for your father?? If you see this message and get a chance, send me a note.

    To Rado, GREAT job on the website, it has been a while since I have been here. I get SO many compliments on the oven, and the way it has seasoned is just fantastic!! It gets better and better every time we cook in it!! Getting ready to roast a 24 lb. Turkey for Thanksgiving, can’t wait!! Hope all is well with you and your family.

    By Greg Trokey — Permalink

  9. To all,
    Thank you all for the nice compliments about the oven. It would NOT have been possible without the help from Rado, plain and simple. His experience and his plans are second to none, Trust it, build it, and enjoy it for many years to come. My oven is almost five years old and gets better every time we cook in it. I’m very pleased with the way it has seasoned, incredible flavor ALWAYS!!

    Thanks again,

    Greg Trokey Fort Myers Florida.

    By Greg Trokey — Permalink

  10. Hi Greg,
    Thank you very much for mentioning me.

    Yes it’s been a while. Is it time for a new page by you? (You have the highest number of pages on traditional oven.) Perhaps on the turkey roasting.

    Do you organize with your neighbors to bring their roasters to your place to roast a few turkeys together at once in the oven?

    I season poultry only with salt before roasting, so they keep the unique unaltered flavors and taste. I found it the best. Anything else on the meat, e.g. vegetable etc. stock, changes/alters the real thing. How do you go about yours?

    By Rado — Permalink

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