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Re: How long can your oven maintain constant temp and heat?

From the WFO board

Posted by douglas brown

In Reply to: Re: How long can your oven maintain constant temp and heat? posted by nj guy

Hi - My oven is sort of like the masterly tail - but with some changes - anyway my oven seems to stay hot (above 300 degrees C) for about ten hours - then remains above 200 for another 6. This all after a 4 hours of making pizzas.

My dome has 9 inches thickness of firebrick or heat retaining material (the masterly has eight so I do have a bit more mass) so I don't think that is why.

I think the main reason it stays so hot is because I really overdid the insulation - I have up to 8 inches of Rockwool thermal blanket product the type used by steel foundries for thermally insulating their ovens - I put as much insulation as I possibly could everywhere throughout the oven and it seems to have its positive effect.

We will be cooking a 30 lb Christmas turkey tomorrow and I have every confidence that the oven will stay hot enough to cook it completely.

Rado was a great help as I built my oven - his plans are great! - he led me to make decisions myself (ie. insulation and some stone masonry advice)) that worked out exceedingly well.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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