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Re: How long can your oven maintain constant temp and heat?

From the WFO board

Posted by Paul Brooking

In Reply to: How long can your oven maintain constant temp and heat? posted by Nj guy

Hi NJ guy.

I purchased Rado's Masterly Tail plans and in my relaxed state constructed it to 'operational stage" in 8 weeks. I have still to complete the brick walls and the chimney prior to putting on the roof.

I had never laid a brick before attempting this and my experience was basically limited to DIY stuff with a circular saw and a drill. I had constructed a small concrete slab so I had some experience with concrete. In my opinion it is not 'hard' just physically demanding (mixing concrete by hand in a barrow), and well within anyone's ability totally.

My oven will stay hot for about 8 hours after a single burn if I rake out the coals and put the door in. I expect this time will increase even more as I add more Perlite insulation to the walls and roof. At this stage I don't have my thermocouples (4 x twisted pair "K") connected so I am unsure of the actual temperatures and I haven't experimented enough with differing cooking methods to tell how useful the extended heat is for cooking.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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