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Re: How long can your oven maintain constant temp and heat?

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: How long can your oven maintain constant temp and heat? posted by Nj guy

Nj Guy,
I lighten up fire keeping it going solid with nice red hot embers on the oven floor and no flames going out of the oven at all, for 1-1/2 hour and the pizza can go in. If we plan to cook/bake further then while the pizzas go in and out (can go for long) I maintain little fire in one corner (one small piece of firewood at the time no more on top of red embers.). If pizza is being done say for 1 hour then the fire is left to die 15 to 20 minutes before last pizzas go in. Oven is left open for it to cool down while other foods are being prepared; most often roasts in closed roasting pots and breads (breads can go in when a slow long time roasting is still in.)

This is the most usual firing scenario practiced after which the oven with closed wooden door will hold stable temperature for 4-1/5 hours, but will hold even for 5-1/5 hours. And as Paul mentioned, if you fire up or make pizzas for extra time you can bake or roast slowly for much longer from the single firing. Paul builds great looking oven of great quality (Hi Paul!) Now, it is not the end of cooking yet. From the time when roasts, breads got done let temps inside to drop down more and you can still dry halved tomatoes or apples further more for 24 hours, all these from one firing only. r

Re: How long can oven maintain constant temp & heat

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