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Re: Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread

From the WFO board

Posted by Herb (

In Reply to: Re: Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread posted by Rado

Hi Rado,

Baking day today! But it is very warm outside (melting snow) and already the house is very warm inside so firing up the Rock Oven will make it VERY HOT in here. But the bread is for the party tomorrow so I must do it!

Yes, bad deer still trying to eat cedar trees but I blocked them out with boards and logs and stuff and then cut down a jack pine in the woods for them to eat. It is working for the moment!

I am going to buy a digital camera in the near future and will get some photos then.

Yes, with Rock Oven no wood scraps go to waste. Not even the big punky chunks of wood that are too big to fit into my woodstove and knotty stuff that cannot be split up. Secret I have found (no secret really) is to keep wood under cover so it dries properly and then burns nice and hot.

Re: Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread

by Rado Hand on Google+

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