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Re: Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread posted by Herb

Hi Herb, is the bad deer still eating your white cedar trees? Must be a very nice white winter at your place. More baking will warm the house up better, and of course the smaller party will be a lot more enjoyable for others. Who gets the credit for that? I know, it will be the one who was baking, who was thinking about others.

Those little odd firewood pieces left after splitting are always handy as kindling aren't they? At times I keep dry hey or palm leaves to use later for starting up fire in dome. I couldn't imagine using those, I don't know what they are called now, a little solid white blocks sold in shops and used for initial fire start.

Did you attempt to take some interesting pictures? With your last ( or previous) traditional baking article, some photograph would go well and would be captivating.

For your outdoor rock oven project; if you would found useful to use my oven-building tutorial, then just drop me a line with your postal address, i'll post it to you. You created more popular postings in here than me, so the building Cdrom could be my appreciation.

Re: Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread

by Rado Hand on Google+

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