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Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread

From the WFO board

Posted by Herb (

I think that I will fire up the Rock Oven and bake more bread in the next few days so I can bring some to a little party next week.

Yesterday I cleaned out the ash pit and made sure the screen grate above it was clear. Then I cleaned up around my woodpile splitting block and threw the odd pieces into the stove. Those little broken pieces and chunks don't go to waste!

When I light the stove, I first stuff newspapers through a little door going into the ash pit under the fire chamber. The newspaper burns and the flames go up through a screen grate and ignite the kindling and wood chunks. Never fails if the wood is dry and the grate is clear.

The stove has such a strong draft that I cannot use just a match to light the newspaper because the draft will always blow the match out. I have to light a twist of paper and then shove it through the ash pit door.

Winter going by too fast. I am thinking of building an outdoor Rock Oven for summer bread baking....

Preparing for 4th Batch Rock Oven Bread

by Rado Hand on Google+

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