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Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time?

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Posted by Herb (

In Reply to: Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time? posted by Wally


I am beginning to see how you and the old bread gurus are correct. Right from my first try I wrote down everything I did step by step with exact times and things I noticed. Then I tweeked things a little on a hunch mostly and the results were "MORE SATISFYING TO THE MOUTH!"

My baseline is how the bread tasted when my uncle and later my mother made it. This last batch came out tasting better and more like I remember it tasting.

It is very cold here (sub-zero F.) and I will fire up the rock oven in the next day or two for another batch of bread. This time I may substitute 1/4 whole wheat or rye flour but leave the rest of the French bread recipe the same.

I got the chicken cooker and a whole chicken. Not sure if I will try it out this go-around with the rock stove or not. I probably should as this may be our last real cold spell of the winter.

Cold but accompanied with magnificent sun!

Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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