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Rock Oven Temps & Time?

From the WFO board

Posted by Herb

I resumed baking bread in my rock oven recently as it is now winter and it helps heat my house. Still learning the ropes.

Put 3 loaves into the stove when the fire had died down to coals and the thermometer was at 425 F. Left it in 30 minutes. That was the temp and time the recipe called for.

Bread might have been a touch overdone, but still good.

Should I let the temp go down some more before putting in the bread? Or just leave it in for less time. The bottom of the loaves were NOT burned. But the top crust was pretty dark and crusty. Eatable, but you need good teeth.

Or was the lack of steam doing something? I am not too clear how to best introduce steam into the firebox and how much. Would a little metal cup of water set inside the firebox work? Or do I flick it on the loaves?

Thank you.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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