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Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time?

From the WFO board

Posted by Wally

In Reply to: Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time? posted by Herb

Great !
I am very happy about the incouraging results.

I have been asking old bread and pizza gurus here in Italy working the dough for over 40 years. Almost I had the same answers...there is not a particular secret, the real important thing is that you know exactly what kind of results you need and then you need to work around the recipe to reach that result.
it's like to say that the recipe changes every day but the result must be the same.
There are tens of ways to do a good dough, and it depends by the time you have available, but you must keep in mind that the pizza or bread must be GOOD and give satisfaction to the mouth. So everything must be arranged to work around .

See ya
Wally from Italy

Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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