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Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time?

From the WFO board

Posted by Herb (

In Reply to: Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time? posted by Wally

Ran my 3rd batch of rock oven French bread this winter. This try turned out PERFECTLY.

These are the changes I made to a very simple French bread (flour-yeast-sugar-salt-water) recipe:

1) Used "bread" flour (recipe called for "all-purpose" flour).

2) I did add more water to the dough because it took more this time (different type of flour?)

3) Let oven cool down to 400 F. then put bread in (instead of 425 F. of recipe)

4) Only left bread in for 25 mins (not 30 mins of recipe).

Darn near perfect results!

Next I may experiment substituting some whole wheat flour for a change of pace.

I am also looking at a beer-can chicken cooker for use in my rock oven. Should be darn near perfect for that.

Re: Rock Oven Temps & Time?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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