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I had no formal training in building trades

I had no previous training in building trades. Nor I would take a course to learn how to build with bricks or work with building tools. Still I built my oven and the surrounding area.

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Pizza oven – half-spherical

Half-spherical shape pizza oven with tiled outside job plus decorative tiles beautifying its chimney and also the base. Built in Florida by Bruce who is prepared to take more custom building oven jobs like this one for new customers.

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Concrete over vermiculite – No roof

Instead of making roof, I spread a layer of concrete over the vermiculite insulation. Around the brick chimney I put expansion joint material which was sealed at the end with a flexible sealant.

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Brick oven with stone base

Me and my dad we have built a pizza oven in the garden completely out of bricks with a stone base. We used one plastic barrel as a mould to make the brick vault. Just wandered if you were interested to see some miscellaneous photos of the oven.

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Lovely clay oven for under 250 bucks

Build a clay oven for less than 250. My budget did not allow me to build wood fired oven from clay bricks so I decided to make the dome purely from clay. I built my oven for less than 250 dollars and I am proud of it! It is a round shape, half spherical or igloo type design the best money can buy – under ZAR2000 in total.

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A great family experience from building this oven

How is this for a great family experience. Everybody got involved in building the oven also our friends. Everything cooks in it to a culinary perfection.

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Tank Head oven – metal fabrication

A few photos of the tank head oven with fire box below, metal fabrication with electric welder machine in progress. Stat to finish. When I was welding all the pieces together, this is my first work with metal welder machine. Assembling fabricated oven which was made from metal propane gas cylinder head.

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Wood burning oven with gas fireplace underneath

My first oven is at my home in New York, this new one was completed just this week, it is at my home in California. It’s a completely new design which works very well. In addition to pizza, we also use our ovens for various other meals like rack of lamb or mixed grill dishes. Upper oven part is heated with wood, lower below the oven is gas fired fireplace and the heat channeling from bottom to the top provides an extra heat energy for preheating the hearth.

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Oven with a few practical modifications

Shane’s project, in Newfoundland, Canada. He has added a few practical modifications into the oven structure, such as extra thick insulation on top to achieve even higher efficiency, to be able to incorporate a few more features with his culinary practices.

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Recycled propane tank head ovens – metal work, sheet metal fabrication. Carl made an interesting garden oven, look at it from his images. It constructed from a large propane cylinder tank head made of metal. This oven is called – TankHead Pizza Oven. There is the firebox designed underneath which heats up the smaller oven and oven floor positioned on top the diagram explains it further. Propane propane tank head is suitable for constructing pizza oven, metal sections on the outside.

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