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Pizza oven – half-spherical

I have been wanting to write to you for a while now.

My round floor oven has been completed about 16 months and I have to say it is the coolest thing I have ever built.

I am retired from designing and building custom furniture and homes. My wife and everyone that sees the oven wants me to start building pizza ovens.

My oven performs better than I expected. Within 2 hours of lighting the fire the dome reaches 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. I did send photos to the other web site but I will be very happy to show them here as well.

I live on the west coast of Florida in Palmeto. If anyone reads this from Florida I would be happy to take the job and build them an oven or be a consultant for the project.

Pizza oven half-spherical.

Please contact me by email at if you’d like to have a custom pizza oven built by me or for other related help and I will reply back.

Half-spherical pizza oven Tiling job on pizza oven sphere shaped Pizza oven building job

Bruce Z
Location: Palmetto, Florida, US

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  1. Hi Bruce,

    My husband would love to see your ovens. He is in Bradenton which is nearby.
    His contact number 9418961483 or send me your address/contacts.
    Looking forward in hearing from you soon.
    Paula Henriques

    By Paula Henriques

  2. Bruce is the best for design and installation!

    By Jim

  3. I have a man who ask me to build an oven for him. But I don’t know what should I charge him for building it. I’m looking for à simple oven kind of like the one on the photo and which cooks well. I don’t know what I should charge him. I’d like you to suggest me on the cost does the craftsmanship hourly wage is chargeable on these jobs?

    By Sebastien

  4. I would love to see more of your pictures. I am making plan to start my own oven and live in Texas. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciate. I grew up in north fort Myers I’m sure the climate is great for an out door pizza oven. Any guidance on building would be very helpful I love the design of yours it the size I’m looking to build.

    Lury Budde

    By Lury

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