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Flour amounts converters for culinary baking. Culinary volume versus weights measures exchange for bakers and chefs.

Flour units conversion tools

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Convert kilojoules ( kJ ) of besan into your measure in:
US cups ( cup us ) of besan
Metric cups ( cup mtr. SI ) of besan
Australian cups ( cup Au. ) of besan
grams ( g ) of besan
dekagrams ( dkg - dag - deka ) of besan
kilograms ( kg - kilo ) of besan
ounces ( oz ) of besan
fluid ounces ( fl oz ) of besan
liters ( L ) of besan
milliliters ( ml ) of besan
pounds ( lb ) of besan
grains ( gr ) of besan
US quarts ( qt ) of besan
US dry quarts ( qt dry ) of besan
bushels dry ( bsh, bu ) of besan
tablespoons ( tbsp ) of besan
teaspoons ( tsp ) of besan
- 100 gram portions ( 100g ) of besan
calories ( Cal ) of besan
kilocalories ( kcal ) of besan
grams of carbohydrates ( g carbs ) of besan
grams of sugars ( g sugars ) of besan
grams of proteins ( g prot. ) of besan
grams of total Fats ( g total Fat ) of besan
grams of saturated Fats ( g sat. fat ) of besan
grams of dietary fibers ( g diet. fibre ) of besan

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