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Built by Brent, in:
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Pizza chef's oven

I made some modifications to the swishy oven plans as is originally on the CD but found your plans extremely helpful. This was one great summer project.

Stillwater swishy pizza oven.

Oven's name: "The Stillwater Swishy"

Stillwater pizza chef's oven.

Photos by: Brent

Location: Stillwater, MN - USA

Title: Chef's oven.

Description: Hello Rado! Remember me? I got your cd in February. I started building my oven in April and just finished it up in August! I made some modifications to the swishy plans but found them extremely helpful. Here are a couple pics. These 80 year old clay roof tiles were $20 for all! I documented all stages. I would love to see them on your website with all the others. I have cooked rustic Neapolitan style pizza, baked ravioli and garlic bread, but I am really excited to try roasting meats (ribs, chicken, turkey, prime rib) and even trying to impart some smoke!

I have many pictures of building stages and cooking of food. I am a chef and now I don't ever feel like cooking inside my house. Rado, I thank you very much for the oven workshop.
Brent P

by Rado Hand

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