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Built by Annabelle and Damien, in:
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Southwestern feel about this oven

From these photos, the oven has an American Southwestern character (mainly because we live here), and the lack of precipitation allows for this type of configuration.

Oven built with American Southwestern design feel to it.

Oven's name: Our Oven

South western style oven. American southwestern oven design. Southwestern feel oven.

Photos by: Annabelle and Damien

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Title: American Southwestern feel about this oven design.

Description: Rado;

It's DONE!!! Not a figment of our imagination. The brick oven is great. We're very happy with it and thank you very much for all your hard work. THANK YOU!!

As promised, we are sending you pictures of our finished pizza oven. As you can see from these photos the oven has more of an American Southwestern feel to it (mainly because that is where we live), also because the lack of precipitation allows for this type of configuration. Also, the apron is made of a large query stone I purchased for 5 bucks, my advice is to let your imagination run wild, then try to engineer the oven to accommodate your tastes.

Anyway, thanks for the directions we could not have done this without your help. Also, we were wondering if any of your readers had a good recipe for rack of lamb I.e. directions, time, etc.

Annabelle and Damien

by Rado Hand

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