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Built by David, in:
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New: fresh

Cooking of great meals in the garden

Here is the final product. My garden oven. Thanks for the building CD plus the consulting help. The culinary and all surrounds are truly great.

Photo of a final oven product for cooking great meals.

Oven's name: Garden oven.

Photo by: David

Location: Kentucky, US

Title: Final product -- the oven cooks great.

Description: Rado, hello from Kentucky! I have really enjoyed the CD you mailed me in the fall. I looked at it a million times and then begun the project in spring.

It went fairly well--for someone with NO masonry experience. And here's the final product. I have taken many photos in an attempt to document what I've done. I certainly learned new things as I went. Now I just need to learn to cook with it.

Thank you very much,

by Rado Hand

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