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Built by Steve, in:
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West Australian wood fired pizza oven

The structure of this pizza oven was built fast from concrete blocks and then we clad the feature wall with rock, stone pieces

Wood fired pizza oven by Steve in Perth Australia.

Oven's name: Our Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Wood fired Brick Oven in Dianella. Wood storage under a wood fired brick oven in Perth. Photo from wood fired oven. Nice breads from wood fired oven.

Photos by: Steve

Location: Perth Western Australia

Title: Wood-fired Brick Oven in Dianella

Description: We built the oven structure from concrete block and clad the feature wall with rock. The chamber is common cream brick with 100mm concrete added for thermal mass. Below, around and above the chamber has around good Perlite insulation layer and the sloping roof is concrete.
The wood storage area is at the back and in the front is the ash drop access.
As you can see a bit of smoke does escape out the front, perhaps if I had seen your CD beforehand I might have constructed the chimney to draw a little better. We have been using the oven every opportunity and are extremely pleased we took the plunge. We have been enjoying simple margherita pizza's and a recent favourite garlic prawns tossed into a preheated cast iron pan, delicious!

Great website, well done.


by Rado Hand

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