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Built by Don, in:
ovens images gallery

New: fresh

Red color brick oven built in Texas

Still have to build a patio plus a landscaping decorations around the oven. We already cooked perfect pizzas in it last weekend.

Pizza Bread Roast oven in Texas.

Oven's name: Earthy color brick oven

Red color brick oven.

Photos by: Don

Location: Lampasas, Texas, USA

Title: Pizza oven, finishing a patio and landscape around the oven.

Description: Rado,

I have completed my oven and wanted to send a couple of pictures for the gallery. I still have to build a patio and landscape around it but we cooked pizzas in it last weekend and they were great. Thanks for the support along the way.

Best Regards,
Don B
in Lampasas, Texas, USA

by Rado Hand

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