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Soaked and roasted corn on cob

What we do is we roast soaked corns on cobs during bake oven evenings in a park community developed out of an old industrial space. Another success story!

Roasted soaked corn on cob in park out of an old industrial space.

Oven's name: "Possibilitio"

Roasted soaked corns on cob in a park out of an old industrial space.

Photo by: Cookie

Location: Canada

Title: Community makes it fun.

Description: Our community built a bread oven out of a few fire bricks, cement and old pavers reclaimed from our site. We are creating a park out of an old industrial space, and we wanted to show people the possibilities our site contained. Now, we all make pizza there once a week (at least 80 people show up) and I'm looking for other things to make in the oven.

On the first picture is me with our bake oven, and the second is a pizza cooking in it. According to your site, I'm using waaaaayyyyy too much heat! But Rado, I have 50 pizza's waiting! I need to cook them fast!

Do you think I could use a dutch oven to make other stuff in the fire while I'm making the pizzas? We've roasted soaked corn on the cob during our bake oven evenings with great success.

I'm really impressed with your website. Thank you for all the thorough information, and the tutorials and all the pictures.


by Rado Hand

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