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Built by Patric, in:
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Artisan designed family oven

This artisan designed, family wood-fired pizza/bread brick-oven, was built in Glen Innes, New South Wales down under in Australia.

Photo of artisan designed family oven in Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.

Oven's name: Patric and Helen's oven

Photo by: Patric
Location: Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

Title: What artisans do when they are bored

Description: Recently completed, but it needs to be clad and have a roof attached. Here is my version of the Alan Scott designed Artisan Oven.

I had to modify that design to keep the wood box and the ash dump in the front. It's finished in local Glen Innes Blue Bricks which are hand pressed and dried, then fired in a wood fired furnace. The brick oven was built by me and a great brickie from Brisbane called Denis Benson. Look him up in the yellow phone book because he is great.


by Rado Hand

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