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Built by Julien, in:
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French cuisine using WFO

French culinary extra. Perfect backyard cuisine. Cooking, roasting, baking in hot ovens around France.

Picture of wood brick oven in France.

Photo by: Julien

Location: Northwestern France

Title: La Bretagne (Brittany) wood oven.

Description: I just fell upon your web site while I was tin-roofing my oven. It is located in Northwestern France, la Bretagne, Brittany.

All the supplies I needed for building this oven were purchased in one store nearby from where I live. It is a double wall construction with insulation sandwiched in between. Pottery has been my main occupation. I fired this one twice. It is perfect how it bakes. I had a chance to work with large French wood fired ovens in the past. I love these activities. Julien

by Rado Hand

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