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Plaster finish

Walls can be finished much more quicker with plaster. If you like the smooth finish. However also some artistic texture may be added with even a faux paint at the end.

Plaster finish applied to outdoors brick oven.

Photo by: Ken
Location: Moline Illinois USA

Title: Plaster finish applied to outdoors brick oven

Description: Having experience with plaster work I applied it to my oven. Ken has traveled extensively, gaining knowledge and experience in the use of many different styles of plastering.

In 2003, Ken studied the intricacies of Italian and Venetian Plaster with the most known American school of Italian plaster. In 2004, Ken has added more to his formal training by studying in Verona in Italy with Safra, the highly respected historic plaster and decorative finish manufacturer and educator. Ken is Safra-Italian Plaster based in USA.

by Rado Hand

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